To All Long Term Covid Sceptics…

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To All Long Term Covid Sceptics…

by Catte Black, OffGuardian
first published on Catte’s Facebook page. [apparently her page was taken down]
October 1, 2020


To all long term Covid sceptics.

Let’s take a moment to embrace the strength of our position.

From the outset when the official response was a brief lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ we were telling people this was just the beginning.

We predicted there would be more lockdowns, increased policing, suspension of democracy, mandatory vaccines, a permanent ‘new normal’.

And we were correct.

We pointed to the data – not the media fear porn – and said the virus was not unusual or dangerous and no measures – beyond normal flu season precautions for the vulnerable – were necessary.

And we were correct.

Embrace this.

The Covid hysterics have lost the argument – and you have won it.

You don’t need to concede anything to their destroyed and absurd argument in a mistaken attempt at reconciliation. All you do by that is undermine the most important truths.

The pandemic is a scam aimed at initiating a new and terrifying degree of global control over the human body, mind and society.

You can’t meet an agenda like that half way – or find common cause with those promoting it.

All you can do is use the weapons of truth to defeat it.


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  • Viviana
    October 2, 2020, 2:45 pm

    I never believed from day one of the so call Cv19 and never will that’s been my convictions and will continue, not even President Trump’s positive testing can break my peace I know he and Melinia will be just fine Trump takes he’s Chloroquine anyways. NO ONE will ever convince me of this false pandemic. I’m so thankful I know what I know and don’t live in fear over a common flu or bad case if it

  • Jeff Baker
    October 2, 2020, 8:45 am

    Now Trump and his wife say they have covid – Wonder what is next in this idiodic plot.