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To Question the Nature of Reality

by Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath, Nature of Healing
December 22, 2021


What if decades of computer games and CGI technology has blurred the line between fantasy and reality?

What if schools teach not to question reality because your views and ideas are not important to reality and would be ignored or censored anyway?

What if over time, you did your own investigations, and formed your own opinions that made you question reality? Would you share them with the world under the threat of being called a heretic or a lunatic? Lunatic comes from the Latin lunaticus or “moon-struck.”

In 1965, the Space Science Board convened a NASA summer conference in Massachusetts on the future of lunar exploration. Then, an unknown research scientist, Professor R. Foster, was interviewed by an Australian TV interviewer on the subject of the moon. The soft-spoken Foster gave a memorable and unconventional 9:33-minute uncut interview about the nature of the moon, when he began:

…the moon is not a piece of rock, but it is a plasma phenomenon, cosmic plasma, and this fact will eventually be confirmed. I made certain predictions that had been confirmed in 1958 and the situation now is coming close to a complete confirmation.

Foster was then asked what the result would be if he were proved correct in his theories? He replied:

the result would be profound and decisive because it will give proof that the complete re-investigation of the laws of nature is necessary because is the moon is a plasma no man will ever land on it…”

Listen to R. Foster describe the moon from his perspective:

Foster never got the chance to prove his theory. Soon after this interview in 1965, R. Foster disappeared from view and was erased from history, and nearly all search engines.

Who is R. Foster? Why was this mysterious scientist interviewed four years prior to the 1969 televised moon landing and then never again? Did he serve to provide a form of disclosure? Did the interview mean to stir controversy? Did anyone land on the moon if Foster was correct about the moon being made of plasma?

Why have only a few investigators found any information to prove Foster’s existence?

One investigator claims to verify that Roy Foster was a Professor of Earth Science and Chemistry at the University of Dundee Scotland, the only R. Foster to be found in the Mitchel and Longman 1983 Directory, “Materials Research Centres: A World Directory of Organizations and Programmes in Materials Science.” Roy Foster is listed as the head of the Chemistry department at Dundee alongside Professor J. S Brimacombe.

Another investigator found that there are 654 pages in the 1983 Directory, with references to both Brimacombe and R. Foster, found on page 527 under the heading Chemistry Department, in section 644. Here is the link to the referenced page. Apparently, Foster and Brimacombe were researching absorption spectra in Ultra Violet Wave Mechanical Studies, and the mechanism of oxidation of Gaseous fuels.  He is the only recorded R. Foster from RSE with his earliest recorded association with RSE dating to 1926.

Questioning Reality

R. Foster questioned the nature of reality. Perhaps, he was tired of being ignored for his ideas and opinions. Perhaps he saw the futility of NASA’s direction in space. Perhaps he felt empowered to speak his truth while he had the opportunity to do so:

Once the moon is proven not to be a piece of rock but something of far less mass, and the gravitational theories are out and discarded, new concepts have to be involved which will show that the lawfulness of nature in the cosmos is identical to that of a hydrogen atom, or atomic processes, and when this is understood and worked out in full, it will be found that the physical processes of the Earth are quite different in geophysics than to what is at present assumed, and that lawfully, in certain periods, mostly during the ice ages which occur every 200 million years, – and there is a reason for that – the axis of the earth suddenly tilts over, and when this happens then you get the floods of the Bible which were recorded before. –  R. Foster ABC interview uncut, 1965

What if the nature of the world is not what it appears to be?  Could parts be a digital projection? What if the movie, The Truman Show is a form of disclosure, representing more truth than fiction? Why has no one gone to La Lune since 1969? Hear what Buzz Aldrin had to say when interviewed by a girl named Zoey in 2015.

What if you witnessed a floating city in the sky? Would you talk about it? Would you believe what you saw or question the nature of reality? If people are being misled by CGI displays, are they being distracted from something that looms much larger?

In his 9 minutes of fame, did R. Foster sound a warning of a future biblical flood? Was he referring to things beyond the physical to the spiritual? Was he pointing to other proofs, including the Hopi Prophecy of a future earth changing moment?


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