Tracked and Traced: The Rise of the Digital Beast

Tracked and Traced: The Rise of the Digital Beast

by Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms
Octover 2, 2022


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Do you want to live in a country where Digital ID is a prerequisite for access to essential private and public services? Do you want your physical and financial behaviors to be tracked by governments and corporations? Do you want the government to be able to freeze your bank accounts at the flick of a switch?

Canadians must participate in the conversation about how Canadian governments and businesses ought to use Digital ID. The first step is to become informed about Digital ID and the Charter.


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Truth Comes to Light editor’s notes:


Excerpt from speech by Christine Anderson, German Member of European Parliament

The majority of MEPs, for whatever reasons unbeknown to me, obviously support oppression of the people, while claiming shamelessly to do it for the people’s own good.

But it is not the goal that renders the system oppressive. It is always the methods by which the goal is pursued.

Whenever government claims to have the people’s interest at heart, you need to think again. In the entire history of mankind there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the well-being of regular people.

Always question everything any government does.

Let’s be clear about one thing. No one grants me freedom; for I am a free person.

It violates constitutionally-guaranteed fundamental rights and it constitutes the first step towards the insufferable Chinese social credit system.


Excerpt from speech by Frederik “Freek” Jansen, Member of the House of Representatives, Netherlands

Imagine, with one button press, that your access to social media can be denied because you spread ‘fake news’. Your driver’s license invalidated because you drive an environmentally unfriendly car. Your plane ticket canceled because you’ve emitted too much CO2. Denied access to public transport because you are unvaccinated.

It may sound unrealistic, but it will all be possible shortly. After all, in June 2021 the European Commission announced plans for a European Digital Identity.

This European Digital ID is an app that saves your personal data centrally. It’s more than a supposed online passport — the EU will have access to your banking information, driving license, diplomas, tax data, social media accounts, eye color, fingerprint and facial features. This is mentioned by the letter from the Secretary of State.

Based on this data, governments and companies can provide or deny access to their products and services. For now, this is supposedly voluntary. But we all know how the Covid QR code turned out. If you don’t have one, your freedom is removed.


Excerpt from video clip by Christian Westbrook, Ice Age Farmer

Iran is said to be the first country to roll out a biometric digital ID needed in order to buy food. Needed in order to eat. Right? Needed. In order to survive, you must go get your digital ID from the government. The same digital ID that central banks are telling us are needed in order to roll out the central bank digital currencies.

In two months citizens will be given digital coupons that will give access to a small number of subsidized bread purchases.

Now you can call it digital coupons all you want. What this describes is limiting people to a small number of bread purchases at affordable prices. The bottom line is people aren’t going to eat unless they go to the government and get these digital biometric cards.

It’s planning to expand to cover other foods too. It is the wet dream of technocrats. They don’t want you to eat meat. That’s the bottom line here.

A lot of the agenda that’s described by the Great Reset, the fourth industrial revolution, is being wrapped up in assistance to hungry people — because that’s how they’re ramming this agenda through.

We’re gonna cause a tremendous run up in food prices. When people can’t afford to eat, we will offer them food tied to the exact system of slavery that we’ve been wanting to roll out.

This is a classic problem-reaction-solution, a galleon dialectic played out using the most potent form of controlling people.

As Henry Kissinger said ‘if you control food, you control people’.

The most important part is that that is their goal. It’s to get everyone tracked and traced and tied in. That’s why we have satellites in the sky watching us called climate tracing. That’s why we have biobots in our sewers sampling the waste water to know what we’re eating. They’ve announced these things. They said it wasn’t just for pandemic detection it was for monitoring diets.

The clip above about Iran’s Digital Food Rationing was taken from the excellent work by Christian Westbrook, Ice Age Farmer. See that video here:

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