Truckies Set Tuesday August 31st for Big Showdown With Australia’s COVID Dictatorship

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Truckies Set Tuesday August 31st for Big Showdown With Australia’s COVID Dictatorship

by Tony Mobilifonitis, Cairns News
August 24, 2021


The advert that has been appearing online across Australia.

Adverts announcing border, highway and port blockades by truckies starting this Tuesday (August 31) from 9am have started appearing online. Truckies will be joined by Vietnam veteran bikers, Pauline Hanson and anyone else who has had enough of the destruction of Australia by COVID dictators.

The action is controversial to say the least, and the truckies have warned Australians to stock up on supplies. Some are prepared to go to jail if that’s what it takes to get the entire crooked cabal of premiers, health ministers, chief health officers and others right up to the PM to listen to common sense and stop the lunacy.

The adverts follow a series of video clips made by drivers across Australia. The language is not pretty, but their motivation is clear: They’ve had enough of the rampant government bullying and threats of forced vaccination merely to cross a border in addition to endless restrictions on movement and trade imposed by state governments operating under the delusion of being able to “stop the virus”.

The drivers also referenced the bigger picture, with one expressing his disgust at the herding of children into vaccination centers. Another referred the China-Fauci links and that the Pfizer vaccine was now widely “admitted to be poison”.

“It’s on. The truckies are doing it,” he said. “Let everyone in Australia know that the truckies are going to shut down the country. What that means is you need to go shopping now. Get what you can for the next week or two. Load your fridge, your freezers. The truckies are coming and we’re going to pull this country down.”

The truck protest convoy over a recent Sydney lockdown.

It has become clear to the truckies, and many other Australians, that the state and federal governments are driving a diabolical social engineering program backed by the World Economic Forum and other associated global interests making hundreds of billions of dollars from the patented vaccines and medical equipment – as exposed by patent investigator Dr David Martin. It is truly a scamdemic.

Those suffering the viral infection – what ever it is – could have been treated just a few months into the “pandemic” with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamins D & C and antibiotics. The list of viable treatments grew but the governments simply doubled down with their big lie that “only a vaccine can save us”.

Truckies in Northern NSW, commenting on a Facebook page called Lismore Information Exchange, noted with interest that the Queensland Premier Palaszczuk announced that a NSW lab had detected two truck-driver “cases”, which she pretended to play down. “But they have, essentially, not been to many places at all, they’ve mainly been with their family,” she said.

Three other alleged cases were reportedly detected on a ship offshore, while the sixth was an overseas traveller in hotel quarantine. The ABC reported “exposure sites” (the new hip COVID term) linked to the truck drivers would be released later.

“I think they stopped for one moment for fuel in St George, so, we’ll go through and put those exposure sites up for people to have a look at, but we are not overly concerned about these two,” Palaszczuk said. She will change this in a flash if it suits her.

Listmore council candidate who calls himself “Big Rob” noted there were still zero locally aquired positive COVID tests on the Northern Rivers. “Meanwhile, our Coalition government continues to protect us by locking us down, trying to force vaccination numbers up and issuing massive fines, while constantly deflecting when asked about easing restrictions.”

On Paul Murray Live, Pauline Hanson said Australian truckies had been hit hard by COVID-19. “They have been smashed by lockdown laws, border restrictions, vaccine passports, cuts to pay, conditions and attempts by big corporations to replace them with a cut-price, underemployed workforce. They have had a gutful of this, they are going to do something about it and they have my full support.

“So when I see Labor politicians like Joel Fitzgibbon scoffing at Aussies because he thinks that their reasons for being fed up with the government for destroying their lives and livelihoods fall short of his lofty, elitist standard, it really gets my blood boiling.”


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