We Need to Talk About Mr. Global (Part 3): “The Propaganda”

We Need to Talk About Mr. Global (Part 3): “The Propaganda”

by CJ Hopkins
November 20, 2022


Here it is … Part Three of We Need to Talk About Mr. Global, the four-part series of dialogues I had with Catherine Austin Fitts about what I call “GloboCap” and she calls “Mr. Global,” and the rollout of the New Normal, and the Going Direct Reset, and official propaganda, and totalitarianism, and God, and other things like that.

Part One was released in late August, and was kind of an introduction to the series, exploring the question of how we got here (i.e., all of us, collectively, to this point in history, and Catherine and I, personally, to the little Dutch fishing village where our dialogues were filmed in 2021, just as the New Normal was getting extremely ugly).

Part Two was about the financial coup that GloboCap (a/k/a Mr. Global) has been carrying out for the last thirty years (and arguably since the end of World War II), central banks, the Secrecy Machine, and other nefarious Mr. Global activities.

Part Three is about official propaganda, and the official New Normal propaganda campaign that we’ve all been subjected to for nearly three years, and how and why such propaganda works. I don’t want to say too much about it. So, without further ado, here it is. Click the image to watch it on OVALmedia’s website.


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