We Will Be Challenging Any State’s Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement to Attend School

We Will Be Challenging Any State’s Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement to Attend School
The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has advised us it will fund legal challenges to any Covid-19 mandate for attending school imposed by any state

by Aaron Siri, Injecting Freedom
October 20, 2022


The CDC’s vaccine advisory committee unanimously voted a few hours ago to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the CDC’s routine childhood vaccination schedule.  Immediately following the vote, I received a call from Del Bigtree, ICAN’s founder and host of The HighWire, to tell me that ICAN will support a legal challenge to any state that imposes a Covid-19 vaccine mandate to attend school.

We look forward to bringing those challenges to protect the individual right of every American, especially the youngest among us, as we successfully did when challenging the San Diego School District’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.  Everyone should be free to get numerous shots because that is freedom.  And everyone should be free to reject any unwanted shot because that, too, is freedom.

While most post-March 2020 mandates have been successfully challenged or rescinded, we must never forget that the repressive arm of government is just behind a curtain, waiting to strangle our rights.  That is why we must fight, always fight, to push back against that oppression.  It is not a war that is won.  It is an endless battle with one side pushing the needle toward eliminating individual rights and the other side that must never stop pushing back – because once it swings too far, we will not easily regain our rights.  Power seized is rarely returned.

The next battle front is the body of every child in this country whose parents do not want them to receive a Covid-19 vaccine.  A product for which you cannot sue the manufacturers for harm.  A product whose clinical trial for children was underpowered, not properly controlled, and that did not review safety for a sufficient duration.  But even in the absence of these issues, corrosive rights-crushing mandates should never exist.

We look forward to, with ICAN’s support, challenging any state’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for school.

P.S. Note that the CDC’s action of adding the Covid-19 vaccine to its routine childhood vaccine schedule does not automatically make it mandatory in all states for attending school.  In most states, the state itself needs to take action to make it mandatory.  The expectation is that some states will seek to do just that.


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