Evidence of MASSIVE Microwave Pulses via NEXRAD Satellite Imagery

Evidence of MASSIVE Microwave Pulses via NEXRAD Satellite Imagery

by Brett Houston, Brett Houston Tube
uploaded to YouTube on April 20, 2024


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If you want to know what is causing the heat waves, and dis ease, here’s a clue. We are being microwaved.

On the 16th they microwaved most of the country with MASSIVE synchronized pulses for 12 hours straight, while we slept from 9:11 at night until 9:11 in the morning.


The 17th they started at 8:11 and went until 9:11 increasing it to 13 hours.


The 18th they started at 7:11 and went until 9:11 increasing it to 14 hours.


They are ramping it up exponentially each day. Like the formula for boiling frogs, increasing by one incremental degree at a time so as not to trigger their reflexes of self-preservation. This is using the same frequency as the microwave oven. This has the same cause/effect relationship. This causes damage to DNA, which will result in many issues from cancer to brain/neurological damage.

A scientific study from the official Govern Mental sources that shows microwave radiation causes the misfolding of peptides/proteins.


The misfolded proteins associated with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and Creutzfeldt–Jakob diseases as well as certain cancer types such as amyloidosis can be caused by microwave radiation… The same frequencies used in Wifi/Bluetooth, SMART meters, Radar, microwave ovens and such.

And there is evidence that NEXRAD towers were being synchronized and pulsing these frequencies across the country… CJD is similar to “Mad Cow”. A brain wasting disorder. Zombie. The cows are innocent.

So many people are suffering now without even realizing it.

Meanwhile… I found it. Share it with the people you love. We’re all in this outdoor microwave oven together. Turn it off!

http://bretthouston.com/creations/microwave-radiation-can-cause-zombies-prions/ [TCTL editor’s note: website is not secure & might not be available.]

Here is an interactive map of 159 NEXRAD installations.

There are also 150 Doppler stations and scores of the 5th Generation network towers that can be synced as well.

You can see the location of the towers in relation to the radiation pulse points on the Sat feeds to verify for yourself.

Widescale overview https://www.roc.noaa.gov/wsr88d/windfarm/lineofsightmap.aspx NEXRAD doppler.

This will pull up and allow you to zoom in on the sites https://climateviewer.org/history-and-science/atmospheric-sensors-and-emf-sites/maps/nexrad-doppler-radar-stations/


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Thanks to Sharon James for the heads up about the NEXRAD microwave events.