What’s Next: CIA a Shining Star? The New Blitz of Wartime Propaganda. What’s the End Game?

What’s Next: CIA a Shining Star? The New Blitz of Wartime Propaganda. What’s the End Game?

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News
March 10, 2022


Note to readers: I reached the payoff to this article, at the end, by working my way through the weeds, at the beginning. I considered editing out the beginning and middle and cutting right to the chase, but I decided exposing the whole trip was worth it. Sometimes you hack enough stuff away in the woods and you come to a clearing…

As I’ve recently explained, we’re supposed to make a key (and ridiculous) distinction between war and foreign policy.

War is big, brassy, out front. Foreign policy is dark, slippery, unknowable—and never probed by the news.

Here are a few examples of US foreign policy from something called history. See if this looks like war:

1949: Colonel Adib Shishakli backed by CIA in a coup in Syria. Shishakli took over the presidency four years later.

1953: the CIA staged a coup and overthrew Mohammad Mosaddegh, the prime minister of Iran.

1954: the CIA staged a coup and overthrew of the president of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz.

1960: The CIA backed the overthrow of Patrice Lumumba, the Prime Minister of the Congo Republic.

There is much, much more, but you get the idea.

Foreign policy. Don’t worry your pretty little heads about it. It’s not war. Of course not. The US only engages in war when it has to. When it’s provoked by some evil enemy. The US does NOT continuously wage war. The CIA media make sure we understand this.

For years, reports have been surfacing about the CIA training “insurgents” in the Ukraine. These groups are also called neo-Nazis. Let’s see, hmm. What would this foreign policy move be all about?

An attempt to goad Putin into a war? An attempt to create an international force labeled “white supremacists”—as a prelude to a new level of US “anti-terror” operations?

In the latter case, the CIA could take the lead in attacking the force it helped to nurture.

If you don’t have enough enemies, you need to invent them.

What’s the main point here? The massive current propaganda push to demonize Russia conveniently overlooks the fact that the US has been waging overt and covert war (foreign policy) for a very long time. Non-stop.

But the US government and the CIA media are now trying to install some kind of patriotism based on a very old concept: WE are always innocent; THEY are always guilty.

A concept of innocence is sorely needed these days. Forget the pandemic and the vast criminality associated with it. Forget the George Floyd riots and lootings and killings in several hundred US cities. Let’s wipe the slate clean. Let’s all rally behind the notion that we’re RIGHT and GOOD and JUST and Russia is the Devil.

Hey, the Roman Church wrote the book on that. It used it to justify Inquisitions, torture, and murder. INNOCENTLY undertaken, on behalf of God.

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve been seeing the same pattern that emerged after the initial announcement of the pandemic in 2020: WALL TO WALL MESSAGING.

An overnight unified response: “Virus deadly, we lock down.”

An overnight unified response. “We good and innocent, Russia Devil.”

You don’t achieve that kind of coverage spontaneously. You have a structure. You have many, many people in key positions on board.

What’s the end game?

There are lots of possibilities, lots of speculations. But one stands out boldly. When you poke conflicting parties so they go up against each other (Russia-US), you’re looking for an overarching “solution” in the aftermath. Something that creates a larger organization than the one you started with. An organization you control.

In this case, the solution would be “a new level and system of cooperation” in the area of currency, money, banking.

“No one wants to see this sort of interference in another nation’s banking again. It’s corrosive and disruptive, and The People suffer as a result. Therefore, the new agreements are extremely positive. They prove once more that the world is interdependent; what hurts one hurts all…”

A currency reset.

Brought to you by the World Economic Forum, acting on behalf of the biggest banks on Earth.

Notice the clever transition that would be engineered in the US. Starting with a crazed cartoon of intense nationalistic patriotism and a fitting enemy—Russia—we wind up with “greater global closeness than ever previously achieved.”

The “peace treaty” is always a source of astonishing grift and con and hustle at high levels.

Let’s go back in time. A year or two. Because there was a PRELUDE to all this:

People and platforms who were labeled racist or extremist had their bank accounts frozen or seized. They couldn’t find banks who would do business with them.

What a concept! It was a bit alarming. It also conditioned us to the possibility of warfare conducted in that manner.

Then, of course, we had Canada and Trudeau. Wow. The government froze/seized accounts of truckers and supporters. They’re still doing it. A federal government adopted that policy. It further conditioned us to this way of conducting warfare.

And NOW, Russia is the target. Cut them off from SWIFT. Interfere with their banking.

Well, sure, people now say. Great strategy. They’ve been conditioned to accept it as a way of waging war.

So NATURALLY, the solution to all this will be a rearrangement of the international banking system, which will involve greater digitization and something closer to a complete currency reset.

ONE: When it comes to war, the US is always innocent. History doesn’t exist. Foreign policy is never war. It’s too complex for the public to understand.

TWO: We’re innocent as lambs on the first day of creation, and Russia is Satan.

THREE: Punish Russia. Go after their money, their banks.

FOUR: Make peace. Ensure this regrettable form of money-war can’t happen again. A new and improved currency system. A RESET.

Is that a nice logical progression? Of course not. But governments and CIA press operations can make it look like one.

They’re experts in that area.


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