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What’s the Message With Roscosmos’ Satellite Images of …

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
July 8 2022


One story that fascinated me during the past week was this story of Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, releasing satellite imagery of western “decision centers” during the G7 conference and the NATO summit in Madrid, attended by western “leaders” such as Boris Johnson, and alleged US President “Biden”.  It was a clear message, but exactly what was that message? I believe that to decode it, one has to look at the images themselves:

Warning: Roscosmos Releases Satellite Imagery Of Decision Centers Ahead Of NATO – Foreign Affairs

The article, you’ll note, contains seven large images, and in order from top to bottom, they are:

(1) Madrid, the site of the NATO meeting;

(2) Washington, DC, with various landmarks including the White House, Supreme Court, US Capitol, and Washington monuments clearly visible;

(3) Another view of Washington DC, of the Pentagon including the “ground zero” garden and park in the center of the structure clearly visible;

(4) London, with a view of Westminster and the now-famous giant ferris wheel;

(5) Central Paris along the Champs Elysee with all the associated famous landmarks;

(6) Brussels, with the EU headquarters clearly shown, and finally,

(7) Berlin, with the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate clearly visible in the center-right, and lower-center right.

Now as reading the many comments accompanying the “article” demonstrate, similar images can be pulled up from Google. Indeed, one might have difficulty figuring out if Google was the source of the Roscosmos images, or for that matter, if Roscosmos was not the source of many Google earth images, including of these cities.

As one commenter put it, “what’s the big deal” with Roscosmos publishing such images anyway? Anyone can find them after all.

Most internet commentary on the strangeness of Roscosmos doing so are focussed – rightly – on the timing of the release to coincide with the G7 and NATO meetings, and thus on the idea that Roscosmos is sending a message.

With all of this I concur… Roscosmos was indeed sending a message.

But exactly what was the message?  We can nuke your capital cities?

If so, then the message wasn’t very new… Russia has always been capable of nuking the west’s capital cities and vice versa.  There’s absolutely nothing new there, and no real reason Russia needs to remind everyone else…

… unless, of course, that was not the message at all, and with that, we get to today’s high octane speculation.  Recently Mr.  Putin also gave an extensive speech during the St. Petersburg economic forum, during the same time frame as the Roscosmos “satellite image release.” (See St Petersburg International Economic Forum Plenary session)  Mr. Putin’s remarks were full of references to the anti-globalist and multi-polar agenda he has maintained in speeches over the past few years, such as the following:

However, the ruling elite of some Western states seem to be harbouring this kind of illusions. They refuse to notice obvious things, stubbornly clinging to the shadows of the past. For example, they seem to believe that the dominance of the West in global politics and the economy is an unchanging, eternal value. Nothing lasts forever.

Our colleagues are not just denying reality. More than that; they are trying to reverse the course of history. They seem to think in terms of the past century. They are still influenced by their own misconceptions about countries outside the so-called “golden billion”: they consider everything a backwater, or their backyard. They still treat them like colonies, and the people living there, like second-class people, because they consider themselves exceptional. If they are exceptional, that means everyone else is second rate.

Thereby, the irrepressible urge to punish, to economically crush anyone who does not fit with the mainstream, does not want to blindly obey. Moreover, they crudely and shamelessly impose their ethics, their views on culture and ideas about history, sometimes questioning the sovereignty and integrity of states, and threatening their very existence. Suffice it to recall what happened in Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya and Iraq.

Mr. Putin also alleges that the European Union has lost sovereignty and is dancing to “someone else’s” tune, while not defining who that someone else may be:

The attempts to keep up appearances and the talk about allegedly acceptable costs in the name of pseudo-unity cannot hide the main thing: the European Union has lost its political sovereignty, and its bureaucratic elites are dancing to someone else’s tune, doing everything they are told from on high and hurting their own people, economies, and businesses.

Much of the rest of Mr. Putin’s speech consists of criticisms of American and European policy toward Russia, and pointing out the stupidity of those policies, and Russia’s own strides toward making its own economy more efficient, and expanding technological businesses, and of course, outlining its military operations in the Ukraine.

So again, assuming the Roscosmos satellite image release and the speech to be “message sending,” what, if anything, is the message one is supposed to gain from looking at the images, and considering President Putin’s remarks, beyond the obvious message that Mr. Putin is not the blithering idiot that alleged President Biden is.

There is a rumor that during Mr. Putin’s remarks, he allegedly made reference to more “red lines” that the West should not cross, but he did not spell these out, but made it very clear that to cross them would be to imperil the western leadership. The rumor has it that these remarks were omitted from the translation of the speech.

But even without them, that message I believe is painfully obvious and simple: we have exact data on all your hideaways and retreats; we know where you live, and what your personal security consists of. We do not need to nuke your cities… there are other ways of dealing with you, and we have them, and are perfectly willing to “go there.” After all, wet operations are a specialty of ours.

Mr. Putin, in other words, as his remarks make clear, directed his criticism of the West not against the average Spaniard, German, Frenchman, American, or Briton, but against its leadership and their places of “decision”, which need not be the capital cities… but anywhere that the “leadership” hides out and “decides” things.

IN short, as I’ve warned many times, “two can play the covert ops game,” and the West and USSA have been caught red-handed trying to play it in the Ukraine; think only of the biolabs.  Now, I suspect, we can prepare for the favour to be returned, but in such as way as to target not the people of the west, but its leadership.

If I am correct, this is about to get very interesting…

See you on the flip side….


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