Resuscitated Patients Question Doctors: “Why Did You Bring Me Back?” After Experiencing Afterlife

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by Rich Roll with Dr. Zach Bush
Jan 9, 2019


“We are going to transform. Period. And it may be at the point of our death or, miraculously, it might just happen right before it.” ~ Zach Bush



Zach Bush, MD is a triple board certified physician and one of the most compelling medical minds currently working to improve our understanding of human and environmental health.


Partial Transcript of Zach Bush’s conclusion to a serious discussion about the state of our shared “reality”:


You’ve probably not seen many people die. You’ve probably not seen your loved ones die. They’ve probably died in operating rooms, or in ICUs, or they died before you could fly across the country or see them. And so very few human beings are now watching this process of death, and that’s allowed death to be defined as an endpoint, as a contraction or disappearance, rather than what I’ve actually seen it to be.

And what I’ve seen it to be is a massive expansion of consciousness, of reality, of awareness, and ultimately of love.

I had one ICU shift that was very weird… During that night I had, in the middle of my 36 hour shift… I see three people die and I bring them all back… Their first sentence was always “Why did you bring me back?”

They are telling their loved ones ‘I went into this space and it was bright white light everywhere and in that moment I felt completely accepted for the first time in my life.’

I think we’re all walking around lonely as hell.

And our opportunity to rebirth — because death is not an endpoint, it’s a transformation moment, it’s an expansion beyond the limits of this frail, biologic shell that we carry around. And the instant that we step outside of that, we find out the universe embraces us in every single second of our existence, in complete acceptance of who we are. We are enough, in and of our own identity of  ‘I am’, at every second of every point of our existence. And it’s the disbelief of that’s keeping us locked in these stupid conversations we just had for the last hour and a half. That is myopic conversation in and of itself. When you back up for a moment and say, okay we’re killing ourselves.

But what if we need a death moment to transform completely, to let go of all the preconceived notions of what it is to be human, and to say, you know what, we are beings of light and we are completely accepted at every moment…

And our journey is somehow understood by something more benevolent and more complete than we can see as human beings.

And so, let’s not beat each other up over this issue, let’s not see this as a failure, let’s see this as an obvious next step in our journey. And death is the inevitable thing marching at us that’s gonna say ‘Are you gonna wake up and see the transformation, at that moment of death and transformation and you’re gonna say goodbye homo sapiens, or are you gonna do it a moment before that — in the body, before the doctor starts the resuscitation?’

Are you gonna say, ‘You know what, what if we all looked at each other in wonder and awe and said: You’re enough. I accept you completely, I want to be with you, I want to live with you, I want to be alive. Period. And if it’s with you then it must be on purpose because we are in the same room, and the odds of that is zero.

And so we are here – seven billion of us showed up right now, which is really odd because I just laid out a horrific story of what’s happening on the planet. And yet seven billion of those white souls, that seconds after death are gonna realize that they are who they’ve always been and are fully accepted. And they are moving in true love and that white light is the love. And they’re in that space.

What if we can transform before we die? Then there’s no reason to go to Mars, there’s no reason to go anywhere else, because we will do absolutely everything single thing differently here on earth. And we will do it differently by just that simple recognition of ‘I am who I am, you are who you are, and that’s enough and I accept you completely.’

And let’s figure out how to do this within the design of nature. There’s enough energy, there’s enough food, there’s enough soil, there’s enough commodities, there’s enough resources for everybody on the planet to thrive at a level that’s never been experienced in human history.

We cannot continue any form of human economic systems that have ever existed before and expect us to escape the death moment. We literally have to reinvent everything. 

And so, if you are under the age of 18 right now, you are the last generation that may live to the fullest of human potential. It is you who are being called to transform because you showed up right when you did. If my generation is to do anything, it was to say ‘Oh my gosh, we’re going in the wrong direction.’

But my generation doesn’t have enough time now to turn the boat around, reinvent everything, and so our mission is not to inspire the farmers that are currently fighting the good fight, it’s to inspire their children to do the right thing and do it differently — connect to new children who are in the cities, who are in the tech world, wherever they are, connect those kids back. Give them a sense of that unity, give them a sense of the oneness, and give us all a sense that this is the inescapable optimism.

We are going to transform. Period. And it may be at the point of our death or, miraculously, it might just happen right before it.”


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