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by Kathleen Stilwell
August 8, 2017


On this blog, you will notice, I post a variety of things  — some centered on our true, loving nature and others on exposing deception.

Sometimes when I post something about what’s really going on out there with the energies attempting to control this dimension, this earth, I get notes from people saying that I am sending them/others into fear.

If you are one who gets sent into fear every time evil shows its face, then you should not be visiting this blog. There are plenty of other places to focus your attention.

Why do I talk about the dark?

First of all, darkness is not power.  It can be a place to explore and gather bits of wisdom. It can act as a scrying mirror and tell us things we need to know about our own weaknesses. Indeed, it can be used as a divination tool, even revealing our true genius and beauty if we know how to look.

It can’t, however, latch onto our minds and suck us into a living hell.  We’ve found out the hard way that it does have the ability to talk us into giving our power away and lure us into co-creating a nightmare if we haven’t gained spiritual maturity.

If this is our realm, then we need to stand up and face all that is manifesting here. We have let a heartless, bloodsucking-energy force field into our home and nobody is going to turn this around but us.

I also get messages from people who live in a perfect world, create joy everywhere they go, and need me to see the value in floating above it all. They want to educate me or help me see the light. They know if we’d all just stop talking about evil, that evil would disappear from the planet.

They tell me if we discuss these goings on on the planet that we are feeding the beast and giving it the attention it wants.  They say we should never judge and we shouldn’t call the beast evil.

I always wonder how they stumble upon my blog if their world is only joy, but I encourage anyone who finds it distressing to visit the blog, to return to the clouds.

Saviors floating down from above are of no interest to me. The planet needs more humans with backbone who have the courage to live with their feet on the ground while vision and love guide their every step — and it needs lots of them.

We really don’t need to fear calling evil evil. Words are all part of the spell. We are supposed to fear the word evil, at least that’s the plan of the soulless scriptwriters.  But it is simply the reverse spelling of live. Evil is anything anti-life. And, if we look it in the eye, we can see that evil is actually afraid of us, because, after all, we have the power to pull its plug.

I sometimes imagine we should all change our name to Satan and then give every “possession” away.  Or we could all change our name to George Soros and spend our lives honoring the beauty and divine nature of everyone we encounter. We could just mess with all the symbols and the words — any word or combination of words that currently triggers fear — turning them all back into the love from which they came.

Again, why do I talk about the dark?

Imagine a completely unruly, foul, belittling, bully of a vampire entering your own home while you and your children are sleeping.  You suddenly awaken and see it hovering over your children’s beds.

Would you cower in fear as it huffed and puffed, creating the illusion that it is all-powerful? Would you tell the children not to look at it or they would become it? Would you tell the kids not to discriminate against it or see it as different than themselves? Would you pour it a cup of tea?

Or would you take this evil blob of imitation life by the back of it’s neck and shove it out the door? As a protective mom, or even as a caring neighbor, I know what I would do.

(And for those filled with compassion for the little beast and worried about hurting its feelings, you can let yourself off the hook. Imitation life isn’t real. Just like Pinocchio, it wants to be a real boy. It’s just a theory, but I imagine it can be a real boy if it does the work to develop an empathic heart and an original, creative, visionary mind.)

In the “about” section of this blog, I make this statement:

The things I post here are in the spirit of having a conversation, not in the spirit of asking anyone to believe anything.  I never encourage anyone to believe anything. I don’t necessarily feel comfortable with all theories or conclusions, but if an article or video gives me some insight or makes we wonder, I will post it.

We don’t need any more religions or belief systems. We need more questions. And we need lots and lots of love rooted in integrity.

There is nothing to fear. This is not a locked-down reality, as much as the hypnotists insist that it is. It’s all up to us what we create.

All over the planet, people are selflessly sharing their efforts and their words to move things along. We are helping one another find our strength, identify the deception and remember what visionaries and beauty-makers we really are. This is a great work of cooperative love unfolding here.

No matter the outcome on any one level of reality, there is nothing to fear ever. There is always a next adventure, more deeply rooted in hard-earned wisdom, just around the corner.

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