Witness Exposes False Flag Operation In Ukraine

Witness Exposes False Flag Operation In Ukraine

by Patrick Lancaster
March 11, 2022


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English subtitles for Russian part of the video:


“How is the situation?”

“Anxious, of course. We still hear the shelling somewhere around. Thanks God, everything is calm here.”

“Recently Ukraine controlled everything here, right?”

“Of course, Ukrainian army is shelling. It was a Ukrainian army.”

“And how was it like during that time?”

“How was it? Two tanks were driving. I saw that with my own eyes because I was on the street. Two Ukrainian tanks were driving. The third tank stopped a little; it lagged behind them. Two of them jumped up the mountain with crazy speed and the third began to shell the village.

“It fired its grenades three times, or whatever the tanks shoots. It hit that way twice, and the third time it destroyed a corner of the kindergarten. I saw this with my own eyes because I ran to the basement.”

“So you claim that Ukrainian tank was firing to a Ukrainian village themselves, right?”

“Yes, they have been firing at our village.”

“But they have been in control of it. How is it possible?”

“How is it possible? How do they do it all the time? They make destruction on purpose. If you have come here to fight, why do you destroy houses?

“And here are simple houses. Why do they do it? And also we had a crazy fight here in the center. And I’m telling you, it was 100% provocation. Here, near the village council, there was an armored personnel carrier. It contained a Russian uniform and rations.

“Why the hell would this Russian armored personnel carrier hide here and shoot at its own Russians, if they took a position there. Russian lads, seven tanks near the well took up a position there. And these idiots jumped out from Balka, from Bakhchevik and did a provocation here. And they left their Javilins here.”

“It was a provocation. Who…”

“Of course! It was a provocation by Ukrops. A real one. I’ll tell you now, my husband served in the tank troops. Tankers are never given a spare uniform for a tank. So they got into their tank, and took a spare uniform with them. What kind of idiocy is this?

“Do they think we are all morons?”

“So you are saying that it was a Ukrainian tank.”

“Yes, the left from Balka. I guess you don’t know the area. They came out of the Balka and made a provocation. And the Russian tanks stood there on a hillock where the well was, and they fired over there. And these here did a provocation. They wanted others to believe that it was the Russians who did this here. I saw with my own eyes.”

“As a false flag, right?”

“Of course, yes. As a false flag. I was in the center and saw it all. I’ve been sitting in the basement for two hours. I sit and then I go out to look.”

“What do you think, why did they do it?”

“Because they don’t need us. We are not needed. They want everything to look as if Putin has done all of it.”

“And what did they do? Tell me again.”

“They have been doing a provocation. I’m 100% sure.”

“What kind?”

“Oh god. While I’m telling you this, they distribute humanitarian aid. Our seven tanks reached the well, took up defensive positions in that directions, because there was Volnovakha and the Ukrainian army was further there.

“So those seven tanks took up defensive positions. Three tanks went a little further away, and the other two tanks in a slightly different direction, because their angle of fire is different. The tank has a straight muzzle, it does not rise like that. Yes, I know it all.

“And the Ukrainian army…they had two armored personnel carriers, one of them was here and the other one near a hospital. So they came from Balka, from over there. And they started…If that were Russians, why the hell would they fire the other Russians? Isn’t that right? It’s all clear.”

“So here they had a fight. They fired from different machine guns. Then, when everything was already quiet, we went out to look and here was this armored personnel carrier, which propped up the village council. Our lads climbed in and said that ‘it is a Russian, here is a Russian uniform, Russian rations’. It’s all nonsense. It was Ukraine who was trying to do the provocation.

“Then, when everything calmed down here a little, our tanks, which were shooting back there, went to the quarry and gave hit to Bakhchevik, because all those whores who came to us were sitting there. They calmed them there and everything became peaceful.”

“The Ukrainian army was quickly driven away from you here, right?”

“Quickly! Well done lads, very fast. It was very scary, but they quickly did it.”

“And how did the Ukrainian military behave?”

“Well, you know…What can I tell you? I didn’t communicate with them.”

“What is your name?”

“Oh god! My name is Lyuda.”

“And your surname?”


“Thank you. Where are we now?”

“We are at the village of Anadol, it is in the Donetsk region at Volnovakha district. Everyone is alive and safe. Of course, we have losses, we have suffered houses.

“Well, I think that everything will recover with time. In general, everyone lives, only frightened. But thank God.”

“What do you want it to be here, Donestsk People’s Republic or what?”

“Yes, we are for Donetsk, for DPR, for Russia. Because this country will never leave us. This is a big country and it will not let us fall.”

“Thank you.”



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