Australia: People Are Awakening, Politicians and Bureaucrats Are Panicking

Australia: People Are Awakening, Politicians and Bureaucrats Are Panicking

by Tony Mobilifonitis, Cairns News
November 21, 2021


Thousands of protesters emerge from the Brisbane Botanical Gardens in defiance of “Premier Palace Duck’s” attempts to impose vaccine tyranny.


Support has surged across Australia and the globe in the fight for freedom against the Covid vaccine tyranny that has descended into the most appalling, insane bullying of the population by governments ever seen in the modern history of the nation.

Aussies across the board are waking up to the fact that sacking nurses, teachers, police and many other people on the basis of their choice not to take an experimental injection is pure evil driven by the total corruption of government at the highest levels.

But these same government and media entities are beating the drum over a gallows prop that was rolled up to the Melbourne protest during the week and then some unnamed man (a patsy?) who was charged with threatening to kill Dictator Dan. But these same government interests didn’t blink when they banned medicines that could have stopped the Covid flu in its tracks and prevented the deaths of hundreds of vulnerable elderly in care.

Neither have they raised a peep about dozens of fit young athetes and others worldwide who have been dying from cardiac arrests experienced after their Pfizer shots. The stories are heart rending. Is this what it takes to wake the public up?

Meanwhile the Labor-media strategy is to force the Coalition to condemn the alleged “ugly, violent, extremists”, thereby distracting from the major issue, which is the coercion and extortion of large sections of the workforce to be vaccinated or lose their jobs.

Placards (above and below) made the protest message crystal clear.

In Brisbane the rallies run throughout the year by The People’s Revolution have doubled in size. The city’s Botanical Gardens were overflowing for Saturday’s (Nov. 20) rally. Estimates of the turnout ranged from 30 to 60 thousand people.

And in Melbourne, a massive rally on November 13 and a week-long occupation of the steps of Parliament House helped raise pressure to block Andrews’ totalitarian pandemic powers bill. Now the powers that be are in panic mode.

In Brisbane, rally guest speaker Clive Palmer of the United Australia Party said his message was simply “freedom, freedom and freedom” and the need to unseat the major parties at the next election. He also pledged to back a new independent media outlet for Australia and to throw out legislation enabling states to use quarantine powers and place the responsibility back on the Commonwealth.

Asked about his purchase of 33 million hydroxychloroquine tablets in March 2020, that he donated to the national medical stockpile, Palmer said he had since learned about a third of them had been destroyed by authorities. The news brought boos from the crowd.

More positive news was that TPM’s legal counsel was now working with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich’s team to launch lawsuits on some key issues around the pandemic response.

Also announced was the move to form a new, independent group for health practitioners, the Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance (, a group of medical, complementary and allied health professionals who have joined together in the fight to uphold their right to practice and support their community.

“We believe in the fundamental freedom of every individual to choose their own medical treatments, procedures and healthcare options. We are defending our right to practice our professions free of coercion, discrimination, censorship and forced vaccination by Queensland Government mandates,” the group states on its website.

TPM spokesman Tristian Triccy stressed the message of unity throughout the rally. “The Premier (Palaszczuk) seeks to divide us, to suggest that the values of the vaccinated are somehow different to those of the unvaccinated, but our values are the same, we all love our children and make the decision to vaccinate or to not vaccinate, based on what we believe is best for our families,” he said.

“That decision must remain with us as parents and we must unite and defend each other’s right to be able to make that choice, or when our children are grown, the rights and freedoms we have now will have been completely stripped.

“We stand for the right to choose, free of coercion and blackmail and for the right to make choices based on what we believe is best for our families.”

The Gold Coast will be hosting a Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations and Passports from midday this Saturday, November 27, at Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach. Guest speakers include Senator Malcolm Roberts. Details on Telegram at Also @mmamvgoldcoast on Instagram and Millions March Gold Coast on FB.


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