Dark Journalist w/ Catherine Austin Fitts: Humanity in the Balance — Our Creative Shared Intelligence Faces a Globalist Financial Coup D’Etat & Incredibly Dark Agenda to Control Humanity

Dark Journalist w/ Catherine Austin Fitts: Humanity in the Balance — Our Creative Shared Intelligence Faces a Globalist Financial Coup D’Etat & Incredibly Dark Agenda to Control Humanity


Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: This 3.5+ hour interview touches on a wide range of topics including the unfolding financial coup d’etat, attempts to manufacture a civil war in the US, global government secrecy, secret space program, underground bases, population reduction, the hidden history of humanity, transhumanism (integrating humans with robotics), mind control and much more — with an emphasis on awakening humanity, insistence on transparency, and consciously using our innate creativity to choose genuine humanity and freedom over transhumanism and slavery.



DJ:   You talk a lot about the transhumanist movement and what it’s trying to do. Now it’s right in our face. You’ve been talking about it for years about what they’ve been up to. And you have a whole section dedicated to Bill Gates’ creepy technology.

When you look at what they are essentially trying to do with things like smart phones, with things like nano particles in injections…and with the covid stuff also — the cover your face and all this, don’t interact with each other — what are they fundamentally trying to do there to human interaction? What’s the purpose behind it?

Catherine:  Okay, so we live in the middle of a creative shared intelligence.

DJ:  Yes.

Catherine:  Okay? So we are physical beings but we are electromagnetic beings and we resonate with all life. We resonate with the sunlight and the sun, with the birds and the trees and the animals, with each other and all life. And literally what these guys, as far as I can tell, are trying to do, is put a toll booth between every connection and circumvent the resonation into  their machines.

DJ:  Wow.

Catherine:  So they literally want to grid the entire morphogenetic field and get us to resonate with a machine instead of with life and each other. You know, this is trying to make themselves God.


Catherine:  I really think they believe there is still a middle of the road and they can skate through on the middle of the road and I don’t think there is. I think it’s freedom or slavery, it’s transhumanism or a human civilization, and death is not the worst thing that can happen.

Now we haven’t brought up the weirdest scenario and the most weird scenario, as you know, is David Jacobs’s right.

DJ:  Yes. ..And that’s an alien takeover basically…

Catherine:  Or an interdimensional.

DJ:  Yes. And this is actually very fascinating because there is so much research around it. And certainly the UFO file is undeniable, beyond just its incredible technological…Then you go really outside of it and look at it and you say, is it aliens?…because it is acting so alien.


Catherine:  What’s important to understand is either aliens exist or we have become as aliens from each other. In other words, if the official reality and reality have separated much and the leadership class has separated so much from the average person that we have become as if separate species. So even if aliens don’t exist, you need to understand that they do, because we have a leadership class that sees us as an alien species.


Catherine:  The thing they are trying to destroy, in addition to love, is imagination. Because we have the power and the ability to create and invent our world. We can create babies and we can create all sorts of stuff. We can create our world. 


Catherine:  They are tremendously emboldened by the success of the mind control technology… It’s been wildly successful and it’s really worked for them. The problem is, the more you try to engineer life with mind control and machine, the more nuts and incoherent everybody gets…

But what I’m watching is, I really feel like, by corrupting the general mind by the mind control technology, it’s also making them crazy. And I always say, people who win a rigged game get stupid. And I really think as a society, western civilization right now, is collectively — we’re losing our minds.


Catherine:  I keep saying this again and again. I’m going to pound the table. Death is not the worst thing that can happen. Do not be afraid. Okay? You have no reason to fear death. I realize it’s inconvenient, particularly if somebody is depending on your cash flow. But death is not the worst thing that can happen. Slavery is the worst thing that can happen.

So get out of fear. It’s not hopeless. If it was hopeless, they wouldn’t be trying to persuade you that it was hopeless.


Dark Journalist – Catherine Austin Fitts Exclusive Interview: Humanity In The Balance! 

by Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist
November 13, 2020

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Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Former Asst. HUD Secretary and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts to the show for a breakthrough discussion of the Global Agenda being rolled out.

Catherine sees a totalitarian great reset with the central controllers trying to keep humanity from discovering our power to shape events and make our own future!


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