Dr. Zach Bush: Humanity, Consciousness & COVID19

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Dr. Zach Bush: Humanity, Consciousness & COVID19

by Josh Trent, Wellness Force
May 26, 2020


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“Our patients are dying from a lack of oxygen-carrying capacity not a lack of respiratory capacity or lack of oxygen in the atmosphere or lack of oxygen in the respirator machine. They’re dying because we’re not treating the hemoglobin.” – Dr. Zach Bush

Is the approach to healing COVID19 patients with respirators all wrong?

Triple board-certified physician, Founder and CEO of ION*Biome and Executive Producer for the docu-series, Farmer’s Footprint, Dr. Zach Bush, explains why COVID19 actually isn’t a respiratory virus, explores humanity’s awakening in the global shutdown, how spraying pesticides and insecticides has increased COVID19’s impact and the use of hydroxychloroquine and cyanide poisoning kits against COVID19.

Discover what tools and methods might be the key to help heal COVID19 patients efficiently and quickly.

[1:30] Humanity’s Awakening In The Global Shutdown

-The incredible work Dr. Zach has done to further improve our connection to the earth.

-How Mother Nature has designed herself so that when there is an extreme event, she responds with more life and biodiversity.

[16:00] Why COVID19 Actually Isn’t A Respiratory Virus

-Looking at the stats of COVID19 and the fact that patients do not have a fever, do not have a low white blood cell count and do not have any change in their respiratory rate to conclude that COVID19 is a respiratory virus.

-What COVID19 actually is: a toxin poisoning to the red blood cell to a small percentage of people around the world in the cities with the highest rates of air pollution.

-Similarities between COVID19 symptoms and someone who has had cyanide poisoning; not pneumonia. (19:00)

-How pharmaceuticals create an imbalance and put people at risk for cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and diabetes during this “COVID19 pandemic.” (24:00) 

[25:00] How Spraying Insecticide Has Increased COVID19’s Impact

-How our mortality significantly went up this year due to the toxicity of the planet with all of the pollution and chemicals dumped into the environment.

-Why spraying insecticide and toxic chemicals all over and into the air to try to sterilize the environment has increased COVID19’s impact on humans.

-The importance of understanding that we are killing ourselves faster by harming the environment because our natural microbiome is what prevents disease and disorders.

[31:00] Use of Hydroxychloroquine And Cyanide Poisoning Kits Against COVID19

-Unpacking the fact that Wuhan has the most damaged ecosystem on the planet with all of the glyphosate being sprayed and has the biggest production of chemical raised pork.

-Similarities between SARS and COVID19 symptoms including the approach to stopping them.

-What a hypoxic injury is as cyanide and other toxins enter red blood cells thus making the use of a respirator useless. (33:00)

-Unpacking why COVID19 patients are not dying from a lack of respiratory capacity, lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, or lack of oxygen in the respirator machine but from their lack of oxygen-carrying capacity.

[41:00] The Man-Made Environmental Devastation Created On Farms

-How Mother Earth is doing throughout all of this as she tries to breathe through her soils and oceans.

-The devastation that our planet has gone through including the impact of Roundup being sprayed everywhere.

-Why we’ll continue to see more coronaviruses impacting humanity as our air quality continues to suffer from CO2, methane, PM2.5, and other greenhouse gases. (47:50)

[59:00] ION*Biome & The Gut-Brain Access

-His product, ION*Biome, and how it helps to improve our gut-brain access for great physical, emotional, and mental health.

-His past and current research on cancer, healing the body, and how he came to create ION*Biome.

-Unpacking how our exosomes of genetic information from our genome could change behavior just like a virus of other cells.

[1:16:00] Connecting The Head & The Heart

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