Faces of Evil that Rule the World

Faces of Evil that Rule the World

by Zen Gardner
December 11, 2010


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the human face it’s even more revealing, especially the eyes.

Politicians, if you’ve ever seen a professional one up close, have almost a waxen stiffness and sheen to their phony, memorized expressions. Most public and power characters need to be caught off guard to reveal their true nature, but it’s not necessary. Usually it’s in plain sight.

The eyes are the ‘windows of their souls’, while their expressions can also intermittently give away their true nature.

Here’s a quick selection of some current, and a few past, leaders or power brokers.

Look for the light in their eyes–it’s not there.

You might see something else though, something very troubling.





Those are just plain disturbing. That anyone can’t see this ex-Nazi probable abuser is an evil plant  just baffles me.

Right out of a B movie–but the Chain-man has tremendous power and influence, responsible for the deaths of millions while trying to fulfill  the  Machiavellian Masonic neocon mission.




“How YOU doin?”

Mafia boys: Robert DeNiro type Egyptian puppet Mubarak and the Masonic ‘pretend bad guy’ Putin–all in the game.



David Rockefeller and look alike. What lurks in there….whew…





Here’s our boy–the stare of mindless commitment, and playing with fire with daddy’s protection and coaching. The consummate tool. And the bewitched ‘patriots’ eat it up. So sad.




A couple for the ages…and even the neocons fear Barbara, alleged daughter of Aleister Crowley.





Speaking of mind control…..all that crazed ambition takes its toll…




Didn’t expect this one, did you. This one’s called “conniving Bill-derberger”. This baby face Gates fellow with those lying, self righteous power crazed eyes was ‘set up’ with Microsoft and was groomed in a eugenicist family for one thing: population control and financing the NWO.


This guy’s a little scary to me, since he tends to move around and be scarce. Besides pushing the carcinogen aspartame down our throats and heading up any barbaric corporation he can, Rumsfeld led us straight into 9/11 while pulling off the biggest pillaging of the Defense Department in history.





One of the creepiest of all – John D. Rockefeller. What exactly IS that skin stretched over…?






Speaking of which is this classic. Some believe that reptilians are influencing us. Could be.Brzezinski, evil spirit behind 5 US Presidents, sure gives credence to the idea.




This lady’s serious. Heavy handed German Chancellor Merkel, former Prez of the European Council, is sold out to the Illuminati plan to shove the EU down Europe’s throat.





‘Uhh..uhh…’ Next lie. This scampering opportunist can’t tell the truth if he wanted to. Bubba wants it soooo bad. And his nose does appear to be growing….)






Freaky chick. Read up on her.








Mr. ‘Push the Agenda’–as well as push the gullible programmed Americans’ buttons– Netanyahu. Mean.





The true black Pope, still behind the scenes. Jesuit leader Kolvenbach might as well be Klovenhoof.



Here’s a better look into the evil power behind the Papacy–and much more…


Class clown. Right, nice cover. Need I say more? What a pathetic, power-crazed woman…admittedly sucks up and reports to the CFR–the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. Sickening sell out.


Where’s the love, George? So much money, so little light. Soros, so-wrong.




The smug life of the go-fer. Check the fearful eyes and forced smiles around the room.

Henry Kissinger way back with an earlier boss Golda Meir…don’t be fooled, this Rothschild plant was no sweetie…





Heavy (very weird) handed, much like this modern day version below…






Thug. Bigtime.





Here’s a study in evil–Uber Zionist Ehud Barak, believed by some to be the 9/11 mastermind, never mind Gaza butcher, and co-sculptor of Israeli/American aggression. Google his images–the vibrations are so bad you can only look for so long…

God deliver us from such evil and pathetic people, if they are human. The list goes on, but here’s a taste to “wonder” about.

There’s lots more. This is just a smattering. The good thing is that these freaks are in the minority. To not contribute to or participate in their schemes in any way possible is paramount.

Just wondering,



Zen Gardner is an insightful writer whose works often explore the narratives, the groups and the individuals whose ‘hidden hands’ control the majority of mankind. His book ‘You Are the Awakening’  examines the dynamics of the awakening to a more conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here – dynamics which are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into.