How to Use Public Official Surety Bonds to Hold Public Officials Accountable for Medical Tyranny

How to Use Public Official Surety Bonds to Hold Public Officials Accountable for Medical Tyranny


Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: An update has been added below the original video found at Our Great Awakening YouTube channel. We’ve added that update below the article that was originally posted at Bonds for the Win on Jan. 19th.  See Bonds for the Win website for additional information on Public Official Surety Bonds, the power of surety bonds, how you can obtain a copy of a surety bond, and how as a private citizen you can file a letter of intent against a public official to hold them accountable for breaking their oath of office.


How One Single Mom Saved Her Entire School District

by Bonds for the Win
January 19, 2022


A mother named Violet with a 16-year-old boy who has autism begged the schools to let her son have an exemption.

They refused. When forced to wear the masks he became distraught and he harmed himself so badly that he had to be hospitalized in a mental institution.

Violet obtained the bond for the superintendent of her school district. Turns out – The superintendent was carrying a $4 million liability per bond claim!!

So next Violet served the superintendent with a letter of intent to file a claim against her bond if she didn’t pull back the mask mandates, admit she was wrong, and resign within five days. The superintendent did nothing.

After day 6 Violet filed the claim against her at the bond company.

The very next day we have a recording from the lawyers who represent the district explaining that they have to get rid of the masks, all state and federal funding is BLOCKED, and the superintendent is on her own with regard to the $4 million claim!!!

They also put out a request for parent volunteers to substitute for teachers because their funding is CEASED due to an OPEN claim against them.

Update from Our Great Awakening YouTube channel

UPDATE: Since we created this video

Violet felt bad that the teachers were out of work so she retracted the claim
She assumed the Superintendent would operate on good faith
But instead she re-inforced mask mandates
We still have her bond
Stay tuned….

DON’T LET UP ON THESE PEOPLE!!!! They have been bribed/blackmailed and they will go right back to their ways until they see a consequence for their actions.

Stay strong patriots, we might need to create a few examples of individuals who end up having to file for bankruptcy. Its a small price to pay to FREE GOD’s CHILDREN from mask slavery!!!


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