January 3, 2024: Personal Message From Reiner Fuellmich

January 3, 2024: Personal Message From Reiner Fuellmich

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January 3, 2024



Rosdorf, 03.01.2024

Dear friends, supporters and companions! ❀️

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and assure everyone that I will continue. We will not let up with our educational work and the subsequent legal investigation into the plandemic.

Of course it is very difficult for me to be away from my wife and my dogs and my family and friends. But it helps me a lot that I always receive new information through the many letters and postcards, as well as very personal messages and stories. All this helps me a lot. That’s why I can still say with full conviction and determination: Some crack under pressure, I don’t!

The international colleagues with my friend Dexter and all the others are also still ready to ensure justice for all. This time the broken system will not be able to stand in front of evil.

In a somewhat longer communication in the next few days, I will be able to explain important details concerning both the case against me and our international legal work.

There is no doubt that things are moving faster and faster in our direction. But there is also no doubt that the other side is fighting for its survival, i.e. remains highly dangerous. Do not be intimidated or even discouraged: We will expose everything that must come to light and we will ensure that the collapse of the system and the transition to a new human coexistence without corruption and without violence is made possible with the help of justice.

❀️ I thank you again for your support, and I thank our ICIC team for their work. ❀️

I believe that the criminals who are trying to paralyze and financially bleed me and my wife, my family and my friends will not only fail, but each and every one of them will pay. We can be slowed down, but we cannot be stopped.

Best regards, Reiner Fuellmich


ICIC editor’s addition: Here are the details for πŸ“¬POST to Reiner.

Please note the following information:

πŸ‘‰ It is NOT ALLOWED to ADD stamps or money to the post in Rosdorf Prison.

πŸ‘‰ The mail will be read and delivery may take two days to two weeks.

The address is:

JVA Rosdorf
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Am Großen Sieke 8
37124 Rosdorf




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