Reiner Fuëllmich’s Attorney Dagmar Schön Shares an Update on His Pending Court Case

Reiner Fuëllmich’s Attorney Dagmar Schön Shares an Update on His Pending Court Case


TCTL editor’s note:

Yesterday, October 28, 2023, Reiner Fuëllmich’s attorney, Dagmar Schön, joined Elsa Schieder for an update on the situation regarding Reiner’s arrest. (Follow Elsa at her Truth Summit substack for updates.)

Below the video, you will find a summary with excerpts from the interview. This interview was a pre-scheduled group chat that Elsa has set up for those interested in staying updated on Reiner’s situation.

Below the summary. you will also find an email address that can be used to contact Reiner (via Dagmar Schön).

In the interview, Dagmar shares what she actually knows thus far from the facts. Dagmar and Elsa also share perspective on the psychological/consciousness interplay in all of this and the unique characters of those involved.

Dagmar makes it clear that Reiner’s legal team has not made a public statement about the charges in the case  because they have just received all the paperwork detailing the charges.

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Summary with excerpts prepared by TCTL. Timestamps are approximate.


Following a greeting by Elsa, Dagmar shares an update on Reiner’s situation.


Dagmar met with on Reiner on Monday and Tuesday of last week. On Monday, her colleague, Katja Woermer, was also there.  Dagmar describes Reiner as being in good spirits and looking well. She explains that she and Reiner have been friends for a very long time and that this is important because he can trust her.

Dagmar moves on to describe the series of events around his arrest, as they unfolded.


“So Reiner was arrested in Frankfurt on October 12th on a warrant dated March 15th, this year, ’23, which had been an European arrest warrant since May 24th. First it was a normal warrant, and then from end of May it was a European warrant.
“Yes, that was an excellent means of coercion, this arrest warrant. Nevertheless, unfortunately, not enforceable in Mexico since Mexico is not part of the EU.
“And therefore, the enlightened citizen asks himself, how could Reiner Fuëllmich be arrested then? Was he really arrested only in Frankfurt or perhaps already in Tijuana?
“I wish that many first class lawyers, the stars among the international law experts, would engage with this case and send us their analysis. This case must cause concern among all lawyers worldwide.
“Mr. and Mrs. Fuellmich had lost their German passports. They had reported this to the consulate in Tijuana and applied for new passports with a new visa. On October 12th, they were registered at the consulate to pick up their new temporary passports and visas.
“The consul himself wanted to receive them at the airport. However, it was not the consul who was waiting at the airport, but six officials from the Mexican Immigration office who were only looking for Reiner Fuëllmich, and took him in. After that, there was no escape for him anymore.
” He found himself in state custody. The only question is which state? It may be that the obvious answer to this is not the right one at all. This is a question that many experts in international law should look at very closely. Which state was acting here?
“Normally, no one is expelled from Mexico because they no longer have a valid visa, especially if they didn’t have one because their passports had been lost, and they had just applied for and were supposed to get a new one. It was the case with Mrs. Fuëllmich. She got visa and passport without any problems. She could stay in the country and was not taken into custody.
“Reiner Fuëllich was first flown to New Mexico, and from there by Lufthansa to Frankfurt. There, he was met by the German police upon landing. And one day later on October 13th, the grounds for this action, the European arrest warrant, was disclosed to him. His two lawyers, Katja Woermer from Essen and I from Munich, both were present.
Reiner was accompanied on the flight from Mexico to Germany by two Mexicans, one of whom spoke English. Reiner asked him… (He’s a person who talks with everyone you know. You know him.) And asked him, who actually pays for these flights because that was quite a costly action which was taken here. You know, three flights from Mexico to Germany and then two flights back for the two Mexicans. The answer, one could guess, was Germany. Germany has paid for these flights.
“The question for the experts of international law is, therefore, could there be a legal basis for the actions of the German public prosecutor’s office in Göttingen? Is it the determined state for such an action or was it an illegal kidnapping, as some international articles have already suggested.
“The public prosecutors office in Göttingen based his arrest warrant on a criminal complaint filed by three young Berlin lawyers, two of whom were even members of the Corona Committee — had been…”
“…This criminal complaint is 30 pages long and is indeed a remarkable piece of writing, but not because of its legal brilliance. Prosecutors to whom we gave it to read were surprised that an investigation had been initiated at all on the basis of this document and the accusations formulated in it — other prosecutors told us.
“These facts also fueled a suspicion Reiner Fuëllmich’s arrest may have been motivated by political, rather than legal, considerations.
“We need international support through articles, legal analysis and also financial support. In fact, the money that Reiner Fuëllmich is accused of collecting is not with him but, hard to believe, with the person who filed a criminal complaint — at least with one of them. Because over one million euros were transferred to his account, which actually had to be transferred to an account of Reiner Fuëllmich. There he should have been transferred to, but he somehow managed that it was transferred to his account. It’s a bit [of] a complicated thing. So this is not easy to explain in this situation.
“The criminal complaint is dated on September 2, 2022. September 2, 2022 was exactly the day on which Viviane Fischer, together with Wolfgang Wodarg, announced Reiner’s departure from the Corona Committee, into the camera, allegedly because of financial irregularities.
“So it was 30 pages long, this complaint. That means nobody could write this in one day, so they have probably worked on it for several weeks already. So communicating with Reiner and, behind his back, they were planning his execution. It’s amazing.
“And all people who somehow he still considered as friends. Anyone who has watched the Corona Committee since 2020 could see that Reiner Fuëllmich did 90% of the work here. Because during this time he also created a network of international lawyers and initiated various class actions.
“If he had billed his legal work, which he certainly could have done, he would probably have been entitled to far more than the 700,000 euros that he’s now being accused of being illegally collected by him.
“Everyone who knows Reiner knows that his work is not about money and fame. He received a lot of letters in which people confirmed that he has saved their lives — actually really their lives — with the Corona Committee during the Corona measures. And it’s really what we should keep in mind.
“This one person wrote in a comment, I think it was on the Bittel broadcast. ‘Reiner carried us through dark times. Now we carry Reiner.’
“I hope that many people hear this and follow it.”


Dagmar now takes questions from the participants. The first question was about how Reiner spends his days in jail. There were other follow-up questions in this segment, asking for comparisons with US legal system, Reiner’s access to current global news, etc.  Detailed answers to these questions can be found in the video.


“How he spends his days? I mean, you know we didn’t really talk about this because we had so many other things to talk. But when we came on Monday, he had already written nine pages — handwriting — the whole history of the Corona Committee again. You know, a summary of all the incidents. And I think… you in these jails, you have a strict schedule during the day. And you get — at six o’clock in the morning, your day starts and then breakfast and then, you know, like the days they also go pretty fast.
“And I think Reiner has a lot to think about and to reconsider. And I feel that’s even the very positive thing on this.”


Dagmar was questioned about whether she’ll be making future appearances on Bittel TV (where the first announcement about Reiner’s situation took place). She said she would not be appearing again at Bittel.

A question was asked about whether there is an estimate of timing in terms of future court appearances.


“No, we have to apply for, to check this situation with a judge. But first we have to look at the files we got. You know, we just got them now. And we have to look in the files. And then we can apply.
“Because we first have to know what is there — what they think that is their proof. And then we can apply and then we will see. I mean, in our view, they would have to let him go very quickly. That’s Katja’s and my opinion because it has no valid…
“It’s a civil conflict between persons who made a private company. So usually this has nothing to do with criminal law. And that’s a big indication that it’s a political case. And we will see how long they will keep him…”


A question was asked about the process that put Reiner in jail before he has been convicted of anything and whether or not he can get out on bail.


“Of course, you’re innocent until there’s a summons. But if there’s some accusation and there’s a danger that you escape the power of the judiciary, you know, they can put you in jail. And that’s why they — because he was in Mexico they couldn’t get to him. So nowadays they — of course, there’s a danger that he might go back to Mexico. So it’s difficult to get him out.
“But I think they want to show something, you know, and do some some example for other people who try to keep their head out of the window and say something about the truth and what’s going on. But they do all the time already you know, with doctors.
“And so we just have to see that we get him out as quickly as possible. But state power is quite a power, you know. They can basically do what they want…”


Questions were asked about writing letters to Reiner, public support for Reiner and getting more publicity for his situation.

“I mean, you know you can write letters but it will take quite a while until they’ll reach him. Because they told me in the jail last week if you send them to the jail then they first go to the court. And then they are checked. Every letter from outside will be checked and then they go back to jail. Yeah, so it takes probably weeks until he gets it.”


A question was asked about public support for Reiner in Germany.

“I have not seen it yet…
“So I think send him your invisible support, you know, with prayers and I think he really feels that. He at least says so. And I think he’s also in a good shape because so many people are giving him this support. So the most important thing is now that he can soon talk with his wife on the phone. This is most important for him…”

A few articles by Uncut News (one a rebuttal by Viviane Fischer) were mentioned by Marion from Germany.

A question was asked about getting international alternative publishers to share more regarding Reiner’s arrest.

“But first we have to really know what is in the files, you know, because what should they say if we don’t even know what’s in the files?… The only thing that is really factual, clear, is how they how they got him and how they got him out of Mexico…
“We would very appreciate high-ranking. legal expertise on this subject. So try to find your top lawyers in your country, in your city. Talk to them and tell them they have to look in this case because this can hit everybody.”

Heike Funke (member of ICIC team) mentioned that they will be creating a webpage where comments in support of Reiner can be posted.

A question was asked regarding the discord between Reiner & Viviane Fischer.


“The real mistake of Reiner was that he didn’t confront the problems with her right away when they appeared. If  he would have — and that’s a trait in him. He has really difficulties in private relationships to address problems. He does it outside but with private he always tries to smooth them out, not to confront them. To smooth so that the work can go on. But this can be a major mistake, as this case shows now.
“She has not done any work she was obliged to do in the Corona Committee. And so he took all on himself. He did all the work then and his law firm. Instead of confronting her — if he had confronted her she would have been out after three months and the whole problem would have not appeared…”

Elsa added some insight.


“…I know from an interview with me, he knew within the first few minutes that it wasn’t a good match… And yet he always felt, ‘I can make it work’ as opposed to ‘this is the wrong person’. Better to have nobody or better to be without a team than to have the wrong team member…”



“You know this, Elsa. I did also much work on myself. I know it’s difficult to confront these topics in yourself, but if you don’t, one day they hit you so in the face. And sometimes they even bring you into jail. I mean, what bigger the cost could be, like this now…”
“…I met him in 2015 and I invited him to this company to set up a legal platform to investigate in the judiciary. That’s where he met Schwab and Wodarg. I had already my experience with Wodarg in this thing, which was not very positive.
“And when I talked to him about my things I had done, you know my spiritual path… I mean… he had no idea about what I was talking. So he was really now in a pressure cooker for all these insights with the Corona Committee. He learned a lot. He opened so much. I mean, things for which I had maybe 10-20 years, he had to open to now in 2-3 years. That’s an immense inner work he has done and has allowed to happen to him — an opening he has allowed to happen to him…
“…I think in some strange way, I think this forced retreat — forced meditation retreat, he has now to endure — will change him a lot more. It will open dimensions probably he’s not aware yet, of insights. Because he was always running. And I know that Inka, his wife, she was always afraid that he’s working too much, that he’s still always confronting a burnout. Because this interview, and that interview, and then Africa. And this and that. So he never could really relax…
“Even after Martin Schwab has shown his his real face and his real attitude, he still was always not really facing what he was doing. He still was always trying to make it look good. But now this is changing. Because they really — Wodarg really damaged…
“And Viviane, I always see her as a desperate five-year-old… I think she had a lost child syndrome, breaking up, when he tried to go to the U.S… Then she got really angry.
“But Wodarg — she would not have done the 2nd of September 22 without Wodarg. She would not have done it. So he was actually the main actor here. And he has no excuse, no excuse at all, because he was a politician for 20 years. He was 15 years in parliament. He has experienced so many times that you can just kill a person like Reiner with one rumor, especially about money…”
“…And Martin Schwab, I think he just fulfilled the wish of his father who was a very famous professor of law. He still is…
“He just tried to fulfill the wish of his father to become also a professor, and that he became. But in this difficult task, all the other developments of his person somehow didn’t get enough energy…”
“…It’s true they have been very jealous of him because he has this energy and this power, and this ability to connect with so many people.
“And still to be so precise and clear. And that you can feel his heart. You can feel that he’s a real person…
“…If a real person talks then our hearts open because that’s the heart-to-heart connection that happens then.”
While this case is ongoing you can send a message to Reiner via Dagmar:


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