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by Zen Gardner
April 23rd, 2012


I have an idea. Why not let trolls and internet trawlers write their own stories? Wouldn’t that solve a lot of problems and get their angry angst off the net?

So here’s an easy., popular game they can play, creating whatever scenario they want and have fun at the same time. Now THAT will elevate some lower-level consciousness, won’t it?

I’ve tried to make this easy so as not to confound the sensitive nature of our self-appointed anonymous watchdog community.

After all…..the nose that knows is a terrible thing to waste.


Here’s the Story Line:

(If you’re not familiar with this popular mad libs game, go HERE.)

The Internet – In the Mind of a Troll

I’ve found a fabulous place to post my_________ [plural noun].  It’s called the inter____ [noun].

Many people around the___________ [round object] like to use this__________ [nasty adjective]  tool. It helps everyone

to______________[destructive verb] better.

Sometimes people like to share their _____________[body part-human] to tell people what they are _____________ [unload verb now].

But sometimes angry and nasty predators_____________ [verb-think snark] on others to make themselves____________ [self-serving verb]

better about them____________ [rhymes with “elves”].

I know! Whodda___________ [mental action]  that simply putting information out for ___________[plural noun] to read

and __________[fun verb-got fun?]  would draw so much____________ism [angry adjective]!

I mean anonymous _______________s [exotic life form] would come at me  like a _________[crazy noun] on a __________ [crazier noun]!


Dear Diary

These types of _________[adjective like vapid]  __________[synonym for assholes] want me to curl up and_______ [deathly verb]. Funny

thing is, this makes me want to do more!

I’m going  to _________ [love, express…]  and _________[revel in my freedom to do so] the rest of my days!


Sorry, folks. Current affairs drove me to it.

Hope you had a fun ride. We really do need to enjoy this cuz it ain’t gonna be pretty real soon and we need to keep our wits about us.

And BTW these inter-gnats are nothing to worry about. Pure background noise.

Maybe they’ll go off and play this with each other and leave the rest of us alone. Ha!

Much love, and keep on!

Love, Zen

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