Message From Reiner Fuellmich — May 28, 2024

Message From Reiner Fuellmich — May 28, 2024

sourced from Reiner Fuellmich English telegram channel



Transcript prepared by Truth Comes to Light:


Dear friends,

If there was, after hearing the hateful and lying testimony of my accusers, any remaining doubt that this criminal proceeding against me is nothing but a very thinly-veiled show trial staged to put me behind bars and shut all of us up because I took a deep dive into the plandemic and found many people who also wanted to get to the bottom of this, this scintilla of doubt evaporated into thin air on May 17th.

On that day, the presiding judge in my case issued something that he calls a procedural guideline. With this guideline, he attempts in a completely unprecedented manner, at least in recent German times, to keep our defense team from arguing our case. He grotesquely claims that it is perfectly okay for the DA’s office and one judge to actively deny me my constitutionally-guaranteed right to a fair hearing, and it is equally okay for the DA to refuse to investigate at all. In fact, as we now know, the DA did indeed not even attempt to investigate. Rather, he exclusively relied on the criminal complaint filed by, as we now know, lying and criminal accusers, depite the fact that he knew or should have known (or rather might have known) from their own submissions that the criminal complaint was just one big lie, one false accusation.

But the presiding judge didn’t stop there. He added a couple of insults to his illegal and unconstitutional attempt to intimidate us by calling some of the arguments the defense had made rubbish and condescendingly reminding us that we all should have learned something in law school.

This outrageous behavior makes perfect sense in light of the fact that one of my attorneys received whistleblower information from different sources informing him that the same intelligence service that wrote the now infamous dossier about me approached two of the panel of five judges in my case, one of them being the presiding judge.

Our team of lawyers will of course file an adequate, an adequate response to this and I will issue three or four short statements in writing explaining both the facts and the law to the presiding judge — like you know Law 101 can’t hurt. Some extra class in Law 101.

But before I do that allow me a play on words that highlights what my right to a fair hearing requires from both the court at this stage and, of course, from the DA. But he’s beyond the law anyway — unless, of course, the presiding judge and those members of the court who share his untenable opinions recuse themselves.

I won’t tell you about four weddings and a funeral but I will tell you about four losers and one very bright and strong ray of hope. Here’s what I mean.

As you know, I truly enjoy all your letters and postcards and I do read each and every one. My mail is not being scanned anymore so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

I want to share with you one of these letters, a letter that was written at the end of March by someone who not only knows what she’s talking about (she’s been closely following my trial and the testimony of my accusers) — who has the professional qualification to be an expert witness in this criminal proceeding. Maybe others do too, I’m pretty sure they do. She took a close look at the four people on whom the DA based his entire case, the four people who readily made themselves available as puppets to destroy the Corona Investigative Committee and its international standing.

I’m sure glad I founded ICIC as a successor after they were through with the destruction.

The expert, with the help of other experts, analyzed, in a highly interesting manner, what the court and the public have been able to hear and see from, and about, the witnesses through their testimony and their behavior in court.

Since the DA based his arrest warrant and his indictment solely, that is without even attempting to investigate anything, on Justus Hoffmann’s criminal complaint, and since the presiding judge’s only foundation for his switching from ‘Reiner Fuellmich was prohibited by corporate law from taking out a loan’ to ‘Reiner Fuellmich didn’t take out a loan at all. Rather, he violated an obscure agreement to keep a liquidity reserve’ — is Viviane Fischer’s false testimony — everything now depends on the credibility and integrity of these witnesses.

We will, with the help of experts such as the ones who wrote to us, take a very close look at these sorry figures.

But in order to not ruin our day, I will refrain from going into the details of this right now and will instead stay on the surface of what is to come.

Bottom line is, of course, forget about them. They’re already on a, what… Chris Rea has a song, it’s called ‘Road to Hell’. They’re directly on a road, on their own road to hell, on a one-way ticket.

Now let’s take a look at a brighter side of this.

Juxtapose this with an interview I just saw on an English language Turkish TV station, TRT World, a man by the name of Alex Mitchell from Scotland talked about what happened to him after he took the AstraZeneca so-called vaccine. He developed a very typical and, as we now know from dozens and dozens of interviews with doctors, scientists and victims, not-at-all rare but common side effect, that is blood clots or thrombosis. Because of this his left leg had to be amputated. But he didn’t just sit there and suffer silently. Rather he joined a group of other plaintiffs in a class action case in England and thus far was awarded damages in the amount of some $150,000.

And he keeps going and wants to continue to give those a voice that cannot speak for themselves or have even lost their lives because of the so-called vaccines. He says that to take the vaccine, because he believed dishonest politicians and media who knew about the adverse effects of the vaccine but lied about it, was the worst mistake of his entire life.

Besides losing a leg and dealing with other health issues as a result of that, he is of course deeply traumatized. And yet he is still standing and fighting. He says in that interview that this is not about money. No amount of money is going to give him his health and his leg back. He continues ‘This is much bigger than me. This is about proper justice. It is about doing the decent thing, doing the right thing.’

I’m pretty sure that Eric Clapton who has also spoken out would agree with him.

Here are a couple of my favorite movies: ‘True Grit’ with John Wayne, of course, and ‘Moonstruck’ with Cher and Nicholas Cage. And here are a few more of my favorite songs Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On?’, Otis Redding ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’, Sam Cook ‘Stand by Me’, Eddie Money ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ and Toto ‘Hold the Line’.


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