Nubian Pyramids and Giant Fingers?

Nubian Pyramids and Giant Fingers?

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
July 22, 2021


This is a fascinating article that was found by V.T. and passed along, and I have to blog about it, for three reasons: (1) the pyramids, (2) the giant and the elefants, and (3) the giant finger.  Here our method is as it always is: we assume the photos are genuine and not doctored in any way in order to indulge in our a bit of fun high octane speculation. Here’s the article:

Regarding the pyramids, what is intriguing to me is their shape. In one of my very earliest books in this alternative research output I’ve been doing, The Giza Death Star Deployed, I noted that in the classified Soviet-era research into pyramids, they made the discovery that these narrow, tall, and sharp pyramids seemed to function rather like antennae, broadcasting whatever mysterious power pyramids manipulate. Wider, shallower pyramids with angled faces below 51 degrees inclination from the plane seemed to have an opposite function, gathering and collecting such energy, rather than projecting it. Oddly, the Great Pyramid, with faces inclined to a few minutes and seconds above 51 degrees, was at exactly the precise angle to do both.  So let’s indulge in a little high octane speculation. Assuming these Nubian pyramids had another, perhaps hidden, function other than just the funerary, what might it be? One thing that struck me looking at the picture of these pyramids was that they appear to be arranged along a curve. Perhaps we are looking at some sort of phased antenna array.

One of the things that argues that that’s not the case is the fact that the inside of these structures are painted with murals, one of which, as the article points out, depicts a giant carrying two elephants as if they were small dogs. Elephants when born weigh about 200 lbs, and stand approximately 3 feet tall,  so the picture – if depicting something real – is highly suggestive. I am one of those who takes stories and reports of giants rather more seriously than standard quackademia, even Christopher Columbus reported encountering them among the native populations of the New World. And of course, they play a role in the myths and legends of the world, including the Old Testament of the Bible. What’s intriguing to note in this regard is that this ancient site is that given the conquest of the area by Egypt ca. 1500 BC, this would place the depiction in the same time frame as the Old Testament books of Moses (if one accepts more conservative dating of those books), the books that mention giants.

Then… there’s the finger…

The article ends by showing a picture of what purports to be a giant mummified humanoid finger, emphasizing its size by playing a currency note next to it. Of course, archaeological frauds occur all the time and this could be a case in point…

… but I suspect not. I’m reminded of those Mesopotamian cylinder seals depicting very large kings seated on very large thrones, being served by very small men…

See you on the flip side…


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cover image credit: पाटलिपुत्र / Wikimedia Commons