Recap: Reiner Fuellmich Explains the Circumstances Leading Up to His Arrest

Recap: Reiner Fuellmich Explains the Circumstances Leading Up to His Arrest


Truth Comes to Light editor’s commentary:

I received a request from a supporter of this site: “Would you please put what we know about Reiner Fuellmich’s situation into one post so I can share it around. A lot of people suddenly want to know his side of the story.”

Most of the updates that I’ve shared thus far come directly from Elsa Schieder’s Truth Summit substack. Sometimes I simply post links at our telegram, substack notes, minds and brighteon channels without putting them up at this site.

Below you will find part one of Reiner’s message which was posted December 5, 2023, as well as parts two and three which were posted December 13, 2023.

For regular updates on Reiner’s situation (or statements made by Corona Committee members making the allegations that caused his imprisonment) I recommend following Elsa Scheider’s substack.

Most updates are made in German at Bittel TV. Elsa speaks German and thus can provide a bridge for the rest of us to understand what is being shared.

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A few of you have written to me asking why I stand in support of Reiner when “the evidence” shows he is guilty of something or other. I’ve always responded with words akin to the fact that Reiner has always felt to me to be a man of integrity. He clearly wanted to know the truth about all that was unfolding and he also wanted all of us to share in what he discovered. It was also clear that he was the driving force behind the Corona Committee, the one with the ability to cordially ask deep questions and tie the information together.

The work of the Corona Committee was phenomenal. They opened the minds of people worldwide to the globalist agenda to dominate us all on all levels of our being.

Did I always agree with Reiner? Of course not. I’ve yet to find one person on the planet with whom I always agree, or who always agrees with me.

One area in particular that Reiner did not dive deeply into is the question of whether viruses have ever been isolated. The committee did interview Dr. Stefan Lanka and Dr. Andrew Kaufman. See the link here. This was quite a display, revealing a lot about the characters of the committee members. Wolfgang Wodarg led the interview. He spoke with disrespect and perhaps distain toward his guests. Reiner Fuellmich stayed in the background and seemed to be playing the role of peacemaker, admitting that he didn’t know whether viruses exist or not. The behavior of  Viviane Fischer and Wolfgang Wodarg shocked me. Please watch the video and make your own assessment.

Many in the “medical freedom movement” speak out regularly about how it doesn’t matter if viruses exist or not, implying, or sometimes stating directly, that those in the “no virus” camp should stop rocking the boat.

Is it important that we come to understand whether viruses exist or not? Of course it is. The entire multi-billion dollar industry of virology and vaccination is built upon lies.

These invisible mini boogeymen (viruses) have spawned a deadly industry of vaccines, which are forced upon children and animals, and sometimes adults (especially when travelling).

Children and pets have been maimed for life and many have died. Many adults become debilitated. Countless animals have suffered in diabolical laboratories where they are injected with toxic brews, cut open, living constantly in fear, pain and distress.

How fellow humans could even conceive of, or participate in, such cruelty is beyond understanding.

All of this horror has come about because a few faux scientists put out a “germ theory” about stealthy, invisible monsters lurking in our natural world. And, having been lulled into obeying “consensus reality”, the majority of humans followed along, no questions asked, just because “the experts” or their overlords told them to.

We must come to understand that all vaccines are toxic. They are toxic sludge. They always cause harm. Always.

We have to stand up. Children have to be freed from this nightmare. Animals have to be freed as well. The “science labs” of torture must be shut down.

We must be free to travel without ghoulish mandates forcing us to allow strangers to inject us with poison in exchange for passage.

Having said that, Reiner’s contribution to humanity is priceless. The powerful database of information, collected via interviews with people from all over the world, is a gift to all of humanity. He clearly went above and beyond. He was learning and expanding his own awareness as he went along, and he had the generosity of spirit to share his path of discovery with the rest of us.

Did he make mistakes with this money situation? Very likely. He’s already stated as much. Yet, I’d venture a guess that most of us have things in our past to which others have commented “What could you have been thinking?” “How did you not know that?” “I could have told you that was a big mistake.” and so on.

Only time will tell how this all plays out. Regardless the outcome, I will always be grateful for Reiner’s work on our behalf. Thank you, Reiner. 

~ Kathleen Stilwell January 18, 2024


Part One

[This is an excerpt from Elsa’s post of December 5, 2023. Other parts of her post relate to letters sent to embassies and organizing a caroling group.]

First , a message from Reiner, read by Roger Bittel ( English translation:

Hello everyone,

After six weeks of imprisonment, I would like to deeply thank all the people who write to me. There are thousands. I read everything. Everything in those letters from appreciation of the quality of the work done and above all the positive energy sent to me is a rescue boat that will bring me to freedom so we can continue to bring forward our joint work. Because it isn’t over. The corona pandemic was only the test run to find out what people will go along with when we put them into panic through psycho-terror. We must look behind the panic propaganda, so we can see the truth. Without justice there is no peace and no returning to a humane world.

That also holds for my case. Today for the first time I want to address the charges against me that are meant to damage my international reputation as a lawyer but also me as a person. I will together with my legal team ensure that the full truth comes to light, and that those who have done this are brought to justice.

I will go into the background of everything and show how the money from the sale of the house of myself and my wife were simply taken from us – that is, our entire financial existence was taken -.and that is how the entire Mexican plot was created which led to my arrest and much more.

I thank all of you,

Reiner Fuellmich

(In German: From 5:00 to 7:40.)

Parts Two and Three

UPDATE. REINER FUELLMICH SPEAKS OUT. His Personal Statement, Parts 2 and 3.

Posted December 13, 2023

Like every week at 8 pm in Europe (2 pm Eastern), this Sunday, December 10, 2023, Roger Bittel gave his update.

This time he had major news. Reiner had written a personal account, and it was read aloud for listeners. The first part was read aloud last week (English translation here).

It was a long statement. I started to translate. Fortunately, on the 13th, a German friend sent me the written German text, so could use to do most of the translating. Massively helpful. I did reread, to check.

And now, December 18th, I have received the official translation from the Reiner team. So here it is.

“The Truth” – Personal Statement by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Part 2: The beginning of the Corona Committee

Dear friends, activists, and fellow human beings interested in the truth,

this is the 2nd part of my “Personal Statement” to make the events of the last weeks, months and years transparent for all of you.

How did it come about that serious allegations of embezzlement were made against me publicly and in a criminal complaint by four former comrades-in-arms in the Corona Committee? Who were the people I trusted when I worked with the Corona Committee? How did it come about that I am now sitting in a high-security prison in Germany – and completely innocent?

Above all, I have to reproach myself, because my professional gut feeling clearly betrayed me (or I didn’t listen closely enough), and I simply didn’t attend enough to details in the daily TO-DOs, otherwise I would have noticed the planned coup much earlier.

But first things first:

My wife Inka and I lived with our dogs on our ranch in Northern California until the beginning of June 2020 and I did my legal work mainly from there. When the plandemic started in 2020, we were both immediately convinced – that something was amiss here. I quickly packed my bags, because I wanted to help shed light on the plandemic in Germany. After all, I had 30 years of experience as a litigator and spent many years studying medical and pharmaceutical law at the University of Göttingen. In addition, I had many contacts from my work in medical law.

Dr. WW, whom I trusted at the time, put me in touch with Ms. VF. At the first face-to-face meeting in Berlin, I was bothered by some of her behavior, but I decided to take off my critical glasses, ignore my gut feeling and trust a friend.

We agreed to establish the Corona Committee because it was clear in June 2020 that the German Bundestag, which was actually responsible for this, would not start its own investigation, for reasons that were not yet apparent to me at the time. The Corona Committee was to clarify these key questions immediately:

1.     How dangerous is the supposedly novel corona virus really?

2.     How reliable and suitable is the PCR test for detecting corona infections?

3.     How harmful are the Corona measures, i.e. the lockdowns, the mask requirement, social distancing and the threat of so-called vaccinations?

Scientists, doctors, economists, lawyers, politicians, etc. should help support us in clarifying the questions. Two German scientists, a professor of finance and an expert in immunology and vaccinations were already part of our circle. Unfortunately, they did not agree with the contracts of VF drawn up by her notary and therefore they left us.

I recall that one of them also distrusted VF from the start.

We needed replacements quickly. Two years earlier, while working for the anti-corruption NGO Transparency International, I had met law professor Martin Schwab and had been friends with him ever since. He, in turn, had introduced me to two lawyers from Hamburg whom he had promoted. Trusting in Prof. Schwab’s expertise, I asked the two of them if they wanted to move up as a replacement for the scientists in the Corona Committee. Today I know that this was the beginning of the end. Both quickly showed that money meant more to them than clarification and enlightenment.

The Corona Committee quickly met with completely unexpected success. Since we conducted the expert surveys in German and English via video-stream, our Friday broadcasts quickly became popular worldwide. Many people had been convinced that we would later use the findings from these interviews as evidence in international damages proceedings such as in class action. We were in the right place at the right time with our work. I was and still am convinced of  that.

Internally, unfortunately, things looked different. I quickly noticed that VF and the others showed little interest in our work in contrast to myself, who concentrated almost completely on this work. In addition to the interviews in the committee, I gave five international interviews at that time, and thereby, endeavored to provide information about our work worldwide and not just in Germany.

After I had learned from critical experts that a PCR test could under no circumstances detect an infection, and it had been deliberately abused here, I published a 50-minute video in German and English in September 2020. There I explained that the Corona measures, which had already led to more and more victims and damage at that time, could be qualified as crimes against humanity, and that it would be best to clarify them legally with the means of Anglo-American law. To my surprise, the video was viewed millions of times before it was suddenly deleted by YouTube/Google.

On the basis of this video, the American colleague Robert F. Kennedy jr., whom I first met in Berlin in August 2020, founded the “PCR Test working group” on his platform CHD, with the help of its president Mary Holland. I also belong to this group. Since October 2020, respected scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc. have been meeting there every week to discuss all aspects related to the plandemic.

At the same time, I regularly summarized our long interviews at the Corona Committee on Sundays on Roger Bittel’s platform “Bittel.TV”. The enormous popularity of the Corona Committee led to a large number of inquiries as early as August 2020. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises wanted to know how they could get compensation for the damage suffered as a result of the lockdowns. And fellow lawyers from all over the world wanted to be connected with the experts. At that time, many lawyers still believed that a judicial hearing of evidence with our PCR test experts would quickly bring down the entire panic, based on deception and manipulation.

This led to the collection of funds (700 € per person) for a possible class action. The funds are all there, but have been fraudulently diverted to another account. I will report on this in detail elsewhere.

Due to my almost 30 years of litigation experience, I was rather sceptical that a solid legal approach would quickly succeed in Germany and also in the rest of the world. Therefore, I advised to conduct damages litigation in an Anglo-American country, where there is the possibility of class actions and a real right of evidence and punitive damages for intentional damages. My international colleagues are working flat out on this. The issue of class action lawsuits is as present as ever and we are convinced that it will ultimately bring success.

Part 3 – The end of the Corona Committee – Unfortunate circumstances or a long-planned coup?

Dear friends, activists and fellow human beings interested in the truth,

in the 3rd part of my personal statement, it will quickly become apparent to you that I was more and more a lone fighter in matters of the Corona Committee and that my co-partners pulled a common string to get rid of me and also to ruin me privately. I share responsibility here. As a human being, but even more so as a lawyer, I should have seen the events coming and prevented them.

Back to my account. So, while I was on my way, also with international lawyers, for the CA and putting all my energy into it, strangely enough, the other members didn’t seem to be so aware of the importance of the Corona Committee‘s work. None of them attended the strategy meetings. None of them made any effort to publicize the work of the Committee, especially beyond the borders of Germany. From the end of 2020 onwards, JH and AF in particular were only interested in how they could earn as much money as possible with Corona mandates with their newly founded office community.

When, at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022, together with the group of international lawyers, I conducted the Model Grand Jury investigations with the help of our experts to show that, and how, a legal clarification of the plandemic could work, these lawyers no longer played a role at all. However, the Model Grand Jury Investigation became a success that attracted worldwide attention.

The work of the Corona Committee was now so popular that by the end of 2020 we had already received a lot of donations. However, we only needed part of this to pay for our technology, IT, translators and expenses for my office, etc. There was a large amount of money in our donation account. This money was not safe from our point of view. A blocking or seizure of the accounts would have rendered us immediately incapacitated. Therefore, VF and I decided to leave only the amounts directly required for the work of the Corona Committee in the donation account and to keep the funds that were not needed at first safe from possible access.

The State Office for Criminal Investigation in Lower Saxony, as I know today, had asked the public prosecutor’s office to investigate VF, RF, AF and JH and a colleague who had temporarily managed the donation account because of suspicious money laundering reports from the banks, which had repeatedly terminated our donation account. These investigations were later discontinued.

To make sure that we would not be vulnerable because of the securing of the money, we concluded loan agreements, which were also openly shown in the annual financial statements. Of course, there would have been no point in transferring the loans from one disclosed account to another open account. So we decided to invest them in my German property (as an equivalent value) and in gold as a safe store of value. The house had a value of €1,345,000. We wanted to sell it anyway and look for a new place to live in Germany. Therefore, the money I took out on a loan basis was safe, as I believed at the time. But things turned out differently. I will report on that.

In addition, I invested 1.1 million EUR in donations in gold. This was also openly disclosed in the annual financial statements. VF also entered into a contract with Corona Committee to obtain a loan. This withdrawal also served to secure our money. The loan went over € 100,000 which is also reported in the annual financial statements.

In July / August 2021, JH and AF suddenly contacted us again to get information about the donations. I suspected that their legal efforts had been unsuccessful. In the meantime, I had learned that they had no structure in their office and, in particular, had not even been able to hire at least one secretary. I hadn’t checked this at the beginning of our collaboration, a mistake on my part in hindsight.

Since JH and AF had effectively left the work of the Corona Committee and also because they had recently been working closely with a person who, as I know today, infiltrated the political party “dieBasis” together with a Freemason, we initially refused to provide this information.

But in order not to waste energy on avoidable arguments, we finally handed in an overview of income and expenditures. It quickly became clear that they wanted to “hijack” the Corona Committee and at least eliminate me from it. When the attempt failed, JH proposed in a written settlement that he and AF would leave the company if we pay them half of the donations to an account of their mentor, Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab. Of course, VF and I rejected this and asked JH and AF not to show up in the committee anymore.

We didn’t hear from them for about a year. At the end of 2021, with my consent and with the help of their notary, VF created a new company for the operation of the Corona Committee. VF and I held a 50 percent stake in this company. This new Corona Committee has its own account, so it no longer has to rely on lawyers’ escrow accounts. All the rights of the old company were also transferred to this new company. I agreed to the contracts submitted to me by VF.

At the beginning of 2022, working with VF had become increasingly difficult. That’s why I accepted the offer to participate in the Crimes Against Humanity Tour in the US. This meant that I would spend almost three and a half months traveling through nine U.S. cities and giving lectures with two well-known U.S. scientists, Dr. Judy Mikovits and the economist and expert on technology and transhumanism, Patrick Wood. However, from there I continued all the activities related to the Corona Committee: I continued the interviews via Zoom, gave an average of five interviews per week, participated in the conferences of the PCR Test Working Group and summarised the meetings of the Committee every weekend on Bittel.TV. In addition, I worked with international colleagues to initiate legal proceedings with the aim of large-scale damages lawsuits. At the time, I was on the verge of burnout…

After my return from the U.S., I realized that VF’s chaotic incompetence and indifference to our guests, which I had grudgingly accepted until then, had increased even more. That’s why I confronted her in July 2022. I informed her that I would be going back to our ranch in California with my wife and dogs, also to be closer to the relevant legal action, but that I would continue the committee work as usual. Also, I desperately wanted more input from her!

Immediately afterwards, as I know today, VF got in touch with JH and AF again, as well as their law firm colleague MT. In August 2022, there was a meeting and a discussion. Following this meeting, the joint public defamation campaign against me started on 9-2-.2022 and criminal charges were filed against me on the same day. I didn’t know anything about that at the time. Due to the coincidence of the date of the “dismissal” and the criminal complaint, it is clear to me today that “the other side” was never interested in resolving the disputes.

A week before 9-2-.2022, VF had informed me that there would be no Corona committee broadcast on that day because our TV manager’s wife was going to have her second child. A lie, as I later realized. But I believed that lie and did not appear, VF and WW had – as VF puts it – “a clear shot“ at me. VF appeared in front of the Corona Committee’s camera dramatically dressed in black. She declared, without informing me as her partner, that I was no longer allowed to appear at the Corona Committee. So she decided unilaterally and completely arbitrarily that I was no longer allowed to be present in the Corona Committee that I had shaped until then, in whose company I owned 50 percent then as now!

In order to justify her illegal and unlawful actions, she and WW, also in front of the camera, stated that I was to be accused of financial irregularities and that I was otherwise “a loudmouth”. WW was particularly fond of this label.

I didn’t want to unnecessarily burden the Corona Committee and its worldwide reputation with internal problems. A vain hope.

A short time later, VF, WW, JH, AF and VF’s partner at the time appeared in front of the camera for an hour-long Reiner Fuellmich tribunal. This campaign eventually culminated in several increasingly insane videos from VF claiming that “the children of the committee staff must be starving“ because of me. Apparently completely unhinged, she finally called for a “hunt for me” and crowned this call with a “Halali”, a German hunting call that signals the end of a hunt. Not only I, but also the viewers were shocked, as could be seen from the comments in the chat.

The content of the 30-page criminal complaint, which JH also filed on behalf of AF and MT, reads even crazier. JH, AF and MT knew in 2020 that € 700,000 had been secured by me by loan agreement and secured with my property. They also knew that the sale of my house has been planned for a long time and was imminent. Our property was sold on 03/10/2022 for € 1,345,000.00 in our absence through a notary. As mentioned, we have never seen any of this money to this day! How this coup took place, I will explain in the next part.

And it gets even worse: After receiving the criminal complaint, I should have been heard, in accordance with the principle audiatur et altera pars. But I was denied this. Today I know the reasons: JH claimed to the prosecution that I was threatening him “with a Winchester”. And because that didn’t seem dangerous enough, he went on to claim that I, as a member of the party “dieBasis”, would radicalize other members and call for violence against him. In addition, I was an anti-Semite and he would feel threatened because of his ethnic origin.

Because of these completely fictitious threat scenarios, my wife and I were denied the right to a fair clarification of the situation by the authorities for more than a year. Apparently, the public prosecutor’s office felt pressured by these threat scenarios. JH even told the authorities that the other two plaintiffs would withdraw the criminal complaint if the prosecution granted me a fair hearing. Literally, he writes: “… if Fuellmich or any of the other defendants were given the opportunity to comment before criminal proceedings were initiated, the witnesses (i.e. VF, JH, AF and MT) would refrain from filing the criminal complaint for fear of threats, violence and defamation.”

Subsequently, my wife’s private account was seized. When our lawyers asked for my wife to be heard, they were told that they would not receive any information because she was also under investigation. A European arrest warrant was then issued for me on 3-15-2023, of course without me being granted the right to be heard.

In the meantime, my wife and I had left for a trip to Peru regarding the class action lawsuit. On the way back we wanted to visit friends in Mexico and fly back to Germany from there. There, we received information from our hometown that the authorities were allegedly looking for me. Unfortunately, the colleagues from my law firm did not receive any information from the authorities about the situation. So we couldn’t really assess the new scenario back home, so we stayed in Mexico for the time being.

As a counterpart to the Corona Committee, I now had my own label “ICIC”, with which, as before in the Committee, I interviewed international experts on global crimes against humanity. A small working group from the former Corona Committee had followed me and so we were able to quickly get back to work.

Nevertheless, in October 2023, everything plunged into complete chaos again. It ended with the execution of the above-mentioned European arrest warrant against me in Frankfurt, after I had previously been deported from a non-European country (Mexico) under police protection. – A thriller that, as I know today, was anything but a coincidence. I’ll tell you about that in the next episode.

As a result, I’ve been sitting in prison for weeks now. The real perpetrators are still free. They also possess the class action lawsuit money and the money from my private home. I can prove that. All documents are safely stored with my legal team. How the “agitators” brought all this to a “successful” conclusion for them, I will report on in the next episode.

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