Challenging the Foundations of Virology: Corona Investigative Committee With Dr. Stefan Lanka & Dr. Andrew Kaufman

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Challenging the Foundations of Virology: Corona Investigative Committee With Dr. Stefan Lanka & Dr. Andrew Kaufman


Truth Comes to Light editor’s note:

This clip is from the Corona Investigative Committee’s  “The Virus of Power” series of interviews , Session 90, which took place on February 4, 2022.  See the entire Session 90 here (6+ hours long).

In this interview, Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Lanka challenge “germ theory”  and the “science” at the foundation of virology.  Of course, this is highly controversial because it shakes the foundation of modern medicine, questions the endless stream of vaccines and toxic medicines produced by big pharma — not to mention the generations of doctors, scientists and medical professionals who have dedicated careers to this “science”. 

Committee member Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, who has been invaluable in exposing the pandemic fraud and is a key source of medical insight for the committee, challenges Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Lanka, and vehemently defends the prevailing view regarding viruses as cause of disease.  See Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg’s presentation during Session 90 here. His presentation occurred earlier in the session, prior to this conversation with Drs. Kaufman and Lanka.  

Below the Corona Investigative Committee video, we are providing documents, videos and articles for understanding the work of Dr. Lanka, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan and others. 

Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Video by Oval Media can be found at Corona Investigate Committee Odysee channel.


Documents by Dr. Stefan Lanka:

Dismantling the Virus Theory by Dr. Stefan Lanka (download PDF)

The Causes of Corona Crisis Are Clearly Identified — Virologists Who Claim Disease-Causing Viruses Are Science Fraudsters and Must Be Prosecuted by Dr. Stefan Lanka (download PDF)

How Dead Are Virus Anyway? All Claims of Virus Existence Refuted by Dr. Stefan Lanka (download PDF)


Related document by Harold Hillman:

A Serious Indictment of Modern Cell Biology and Neurobiology by Harold Hillman (download PDF)


Video on the work of Dr. Lanka:

The Final Refutation Of Virology by Dr. Stefan Lanka


Related articles:

Dr. Stefan Lanka & Dr. Tom Cowan: How We Got Into This Mess — The History of Virology & Deep Medical Deceptions

Dare to Ask: Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Stefan Lanka & Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Freedom, Fear, and False Science About Viruses and the Nature of Reality Itself

Dr. Stefan Lanka 2020 Article Busts the Virus Misconception

Dr. Tom Cowan on the “Spiked Protein Toxin” & “Virus Created in a Lab” Stories

The Contagion Fairy Tale

The Non-Existent Virus; an Explosive Interview With Christine Massey

The Contagion Myth: No Virus Has Ever Caused Disease

The Fraudulent Use of PCR / RT-PCR Techniques for the Manipulation, Harm and, Ultimately, the Destruction of Humanity

Warning Signs You’ve Been Tricked by Virologists

Jon Rappoport: My Bottom Line on the Existence of the Virus, Its Isolation and Sequencing

Exposing the Lie — Hippocratic Hypocrisy: A Tale of Two Snakes [A collaborative film by Spacebusters and Dr. Andrew Kaufman about how authentic medicine was hijacked by the power elite and turned into a deadly, sickness-for-profit industry.]


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