The Eclipse Obscured, & and Other Goings-On

The Eclipse Obscured, & and Other Goings-On

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
April 15, 2024


It’s been a week since the solar eclipse, and just as I sat down today (Sunday) to sort through all the emails in my inbox and schedule blogs, I received the following intriguing article on Substack from a “new” contributor, whom we’ll just call D.S.G., who also happens to be an old friend. Before we get to that, I have to confess that I was not one of those that spent a lot of time outdoors looking at the eclipse. Where I live, the totality was not visible anyway. What happened was simply that the day visibly “dimmed”, not that I could have seen much anyway, since it was an overcast day. As the days approached, I began to get emails from a few of you telling me that your weather forecast was not favorable to viewing, and that of this small group, a few of you were even going to travel a fair distance to be able to view the totality.  But then, as we shall see, after the eclipse, a few odd stories began to roll in, and this one tops the list:

Solar Eclipse CHEMTRAILS: What Were They Trying to Hide?

The beginning of this article says it all:

I haven’t been on Twitter much these days. After hitting 20,000 followers I became so shadow-banned that the purpose of it has become pointless. With that being said, on April 8th, 2024, the day of the Eclipse, I shared some photos of my Michigan sky, which started off as beautiful blue then, only two hours before the eclipse, filled the infamous lines. I then scrolled a bit to see if anyone else was noticing the same; I was quite surprised at how many posts there were. I began bookmarking the posts, downloading lots of videos and logging the locations the reports were coming from so I could plot them on a map.

Today, we are first going to check out many of the posts (there are way more than I can possibly document), then I am going to provide some theories regarding why this excessive spray campaign was ran, then we will look at other interesting stuff that happened on April 8th, 2024.

This, I think you’ll grant, is very intriguing, and given the scale and breadth of the selection the article’s author has gathered, is hardly accidental or coincidental. In my case, as most regular readers here know, I tend to go to sleep between 4 and 5 AM, and to wake up very late in the morning, usually around noon. Eclipse day was no different for me, and as a result, I have no idea if, where I live, the day began clear and later clouded over due to the spraying that “they” deny that they’re doing, even while Baal Gates, in his busybody billionaire insanity, wants to blot out the sun. But if the reader looks at the assembly of videos and pictures in the article, it becomes evident that much chemtrail activity was reported on the day of the eclipse, raising the question of what “they” were trying to accomplish with it. The article’s headline says it: “They” were trying to hide “something”, rather like the old fable about ostriches hiding their heads in the sand when confronted by something they don’t like. Removing it from view and pretending it does not exist will make it go away.

The author notes that NASA was warning people not to try to take pictures of the event with cellphones. The author then notes that satellite photos show the cloudy cover that resulted from the spraying, and the “coincidence” that it lies right along the path of the eclipse. He also notes that NASA announced that it would launch rockets to study the eclipse (studying what, exactly?), and indeed it did so.  And on top of all of this, there was “eclipse sickness”:

But the media isn’t reporting on poison air or lines covering the sky, instead they are publishing “Eclipse Sickness”, which is causing Americans “weird feelings” in addition to headaches, fatigue, changes in menstrual cycle and insomnia.

Much of the article then deals with an alleged psychological operation to make everyone feel sick in connection with the eclipse, and then the author gets right down to his thesis: a second “sun” or light source in the sky:

Interestingly, in January 2024, I published two articles. The first was called 2 Suns in the Sky: Optical Illusion or Military Operation?. In this article we looked at all kinds of evidence people have recorded, clearly showing two sources of light in the sky (and no, it isn’t lens flare, a “Sun Dog”, reflections, camera tracking, etc.). In the second part of that series, Sun Simulators Deployed Worldwide? Shocking Evidence of a Fake Sun, we looked at all kinds of crazy stuff regarding the patenting and manufacturing of new suns. Both of those pieces are worth your time, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors abd have been feeling suspicious about what has been going on around you for the past couple years. Anyway, in those pieces, it really looks like they have been practicing with their sun simulators.

As mentioned, I published those pieces in January. Ever since January, here in Michigan, our sun has been blocked. I detailed this in Gov Using Frequency to Move Clouds to Block the Sun: 2024 Arctic Freeze was Manmade, 100% ProofNo matter where the sun has been in the sky, it is always blocked by a cloud. You can literally watch them shift the clouds, using frequency (I know it sounds crazy, but read the article). All along I have wondered if the real purpose of this is to continue to hide their sun simulator testing.

So there you have it: “sun simulators” or other major light sources in the sky. In aid of this very wild hypothesis, we get interesting videos that appear to show more than one Moon eclipsing more than one Sun, some very strange reflections, a low rumbling sounds (which, incidentally, I myself have heard on occasion including on eclipse day), and then the article just sort of peters out, leaving one with a hypothesis of “sun simulators”, rumbles, and strange reflections.

So before we get to my own contribution of high octane speculation (and perhaps silly nonsense), let us not forget that in addition to NASA launching three rockets to “study something” that day, that CERN was going to fire up its large hadron collider on that precise day. As E.E. said in the email that accompanied the article: “Just follow the ritual…er… science”:

CERN to test world’s most powerful particle accelerator during April’s solar eclipse to search for ‘invisible’ matter that secretly powers our universe

At least in the case of the CERN-collider-eclipse business, they’re at least being consistent with their narrative that they’re still looking at particles in the quantum particle pantheon zoo, and for dark matter and all of that. Regular readers who’ve been following me for a while know that I think what they’re really looking for are hyper-dimensional effects, including torsion effects, which in my hack-from-South-Dakota thinking, would be very likely to manifest during eclipses, provided one has a sufficiently accurate means of measuring them, and a circular collider with its built-in implied precessional wobbles might be just the ticket. (And for those really paying attention, remember Richard Hoagland’s Bullova accutron watch experiments?)

There were other, possibly related, events, like the fact that the northern terrestrial polar vortex was spinning backward recently (thanks to M.D. and T.S. for this catch):

The Polar Vortex Is Suddenly Swirling Backwards

And just for kicks and giggles, let’s not forget the South Atlantic anomaly, and NASA’s satellites:

NOAA Satellites View Total Solar Eclipse

Weird dent in Earth’s magnetic field is messing with auroras in the Southern Hemisphere

And let’s add to this “anomalies stew” those claims of “UFOs near the Sun” and even that there are UFO reports in connection with the eclipse.

So… what is going on?

Answer: I have no answer. Not. A. Clue. Nothing. Nichts, Nadda.

Do I think that “they” might have been deliberately trying to cover up the existence of UFOs, other “light sources” and so on, with the spraying? Very possibly.  Could there even be such “light sources” or “sun simulators”? Possibly. Are “they” looking for torsion effects, perhaps even torsion effects that could, so to speak, “roll up the heavens like a curtain”? Sure “they” could be.  After all, I put nothing past “them.” Baal Gates wants to blot out the sun because of “climate change” and in so doing seeks an apocalyptic, godlike power that could possibly end mankind itself. But what if, indeed, the whole climate change narrative is a convenient cover story for an operation that is really designed to keep certain things veiled and secret behind a cloud screen and fog?

Clearly “they” are hiding something, and when you boil my high octane speculations of the day down to their quintessence (yes, the alchemical term is deliberate), they amount to this: there are aspects of celestial mechanics – astrophysics and cosmology – that might be dramatically different than the “public physics” models taught in the schools, and something is threatening to break through those models, and dash them to the ground like so many Tinker Toys and Lincoln Log constructions, and “they” are trying desperately to keep those models and their favored narratives intact.

Someone else, in other words, may be entering the game…Ringmakers of Saturn, anyone?

….See you on the flip side…


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