Was the Iran Attack Orchestrated by Amateurs?

Was the Iran Attack Orchestrated by Amateurs?
What actually happened and didn’t happen? 

by Jon Rappoport
April 16, 2024


Something’s wrong here. Very wrong.

First, when have you heard a major enemy (Iran) ANNOUNCE AND LEAK AND LEAK AND ANNOUNCE that they’re GOING TO attack their enemy (Israel)?

Who’s kidding who?

“Yes, we want to make sure Israel is ready for us. We want to make sure all their defense systems are turned on and on high alert before we actually attack…”

Second—the DEBRIS.

I’m watching the news which is showing (if I can believe the footage) explosions in the sky over Tel Aviv. The Israeli shoot-down of drones and missiles. But NOT ONE WORD about falling debris raining down on the city.

Who’s kidding who? There should have been thousands of pieces of debris wreaking destruction on the ground.

Finally—hours later, we’re told that, in all of Israel, one civilian, a girl, was slightly injured. There was some damage, but it was at an Israeli military base. Convenient. When will we see pictures of that? Never?

What really happened in this attack? Were there hundreds of missiles and drones? 99% of which were shot down?

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