Your Life Is a Prison. Break Out.

Your Life Is a Prison. Break Out.

by Grim Hustle



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The following 10 insights will summarize your life. I will speak slowly so your mind and your soul will understand.

Number 1.

You were born in a cold prison. It is your country, your state.

Number 2.

You have to pay for the prison stay. They call the prison fee taxes.

Number 3.

You have no say what will be done with the money. But you have to pay.

Number 4.

To pay the money you have to work. The prison encourages you to buy new shiny products so you feel better about your poor existence.

Number 5.

You are not allowed to exit the prison and live on your own. They will hunt you and make you pay.

Number 6.

Only a few prisoners have walked far enough to see the prison wall.

Number 7.

The prison gives you news and entertainment so that you don’t discover the prison walls.

Number 8.

The prison does not allow strong family bonds or strong brotherhood unless you are a part of the group that is running the prison.

Number 9.

The prison you live in wants you weak, sick and divided, because weak prisoners can’t climb the walls.

And most important,

Number 10.

The prison is mostly run by other prisoners. It will collapse if enough prisoners will wake up.

Go your way, бра́танъ, reunite with others, find the walls, climb the walls, every fucking day.


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