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Free KY Amish Farmer Samuel Girod
World News & Views | 2 August

Source:   The FDA successfully harassed, indicted and convicted 57yo KY Amish farmer Samuel Girod for charges stemming from an

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MMR Vaccine from Hell – Court Rules, Measles is not Caused by a Virus
Mark Sircus | 11 July

Source: by Dr. Mark Sircus July 11, 2017   The headlines from the BBC reads ‘Measles ‘tragedy’ kills 35 across

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The Psychiatric Agenda Destroys Creative Children
Jon Rappoport | 23 June

The Psychiatric Agenda Destroys Creative Children by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News June 23, 2017   “Take a child

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Iodine Replaces Vaccines and Antibiotics
Mark Sircus | 8 May

by Dr. Mark Sircus May 4, 2017 Source   This is going to be the final chapter in the second

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The Cruel Autism Trick Played on Vaccine-Damaged Children
Jon Rappoport | 10 April

Source:  No More Fake News The cruel autism trick played on vaccine-damaged children And their parents by Jon Rappoport April 10,

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CDC Reveals List of all Vaccine Excipients, including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells”
Mike Adams | 9 March

[From Wikipedia: An excipient is a substance formulated alongside the active ingredient of a medication, included for the purpose of

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Parents: The Most Loyal Agents for the Torture Control Matrix
Willem Felderhof | 22 February

Source:  Dutch Anarchy by Willem Felderhof February 20, 2017   Following absurd and fake disorder labels like ADHD and ADD, the

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The Spiritually Dead Gatekeepers of Mainstream News
Jon Rappoport | 10 December

Source: by Jon Rappoport December 9, 2016   A new series of realities is on the way. Centralized information-reality

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Manifesto of the Awakened
Zen Gardner | 15 January

by Zen Gardner January 15, 2016   To: The Few Whom This Concerns Re: The Deliberate Subjugation of Our People

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Official Truth, Androids, and Reductive Mind Control
Jon Rappoport | 3 July

by Jon Rappoport July 2, 2015   “You present people with official truth about any subject—vaccines, GMOs, wars of liberation,

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The Beginning Is Here
Zen Gardner | 12 May

by Zen Gardner May 12, 2015   “Is everything a conspiracy? No, just the important stuff.” ~ Jeff Wells Waking

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Expanding Our Ability to See the Hidden World Influencers
Adam Abraham | 30 April

by Adam Abraham April 30, 2015 Source   Et tu, Baltimore? The events that are unfolding in Baltimore, Maryland, characterized by

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How Much Evidence Do We Need to Take Action?
Zen Gardner | 13 April

by Zen Gardner April 13, 2015   It’s past time to draw some conclusions from all of the obvious evidence.

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How Mushrooms Can Save the World
Paul Stamets | 29 March

by Fungi Perfecti Mycofiltration Enters the Commons March 20, 2015   Fungi Perfecti founder and director of research, Dr. Paul

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Whatever It Is – Weaponize It!
Zen Gardner | 10 March

by Zen Gardner March 10, 2015   What’s with this world? It doesn’t matter what new technology surfaces, “How can

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