Dr. Robin Wakeling With Drs. Mark & Sam Bailey: Pfizer-Injected Blood Under the Microscope — Part 2

Dr. Robin Wakeling With Drs. Mark & Sam Bailey:
Pfizer-Injected Blood Under the Microscope — Part 2

by Dr. Sam Bailey
with Dr. Mark Bailey interviewing Dr. Robin Wakeling
April 19, 2022


Transcript of Dr. Sam Bailey’s introduction, provided by TCTL editor:

Last month, we were fortunate to have microbiologist and colloidal chemistry expert Dr. Robin Wakeling present his analysis of Pfizer Comirnaty under the microscope. Since that time Dr. Wakeling has continued to investigate the injections and is also linked up with other New Zealand teams who have shared their findings with him.

In Part 1 of his analysis, Dr. Wakeling presented the appearances of Comirnaty straight from the vial and has some new information regarding how these complexes form.

But perhaps, more importantly, in this video for the first time he is going to analyze the blood of some Pfizer-injected subjects who have suffered adverse reactions.

He’ll explain what he thinks is happening to the red blood cells and some of the most bizarre images he has ever seen in his long career.

In addition to Comirnaty, the teams have also been investigating recent influenza vaccines under the microscope, with some surprising findings that the officially disclosed ingredient don’t appear to explain.

Dr. Wakeling joins my husband, Dr. Mark Bailey, to present round two of Pfizer Under the Microscope.


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