Dr. Tom Cowan: “If Your Goal Is to Be Safe, You’re Dead” — Perspectives on the Sleeping Beauty Fairytale

Dr. Tom Cowan: “If Your Goal Is to Be Safe, You’re Dead” — Perspectives on the Sleeping Beauty Fairytale


Video clip from Freedom Talk 1 – 4 March 2021 

by Dean Braus, Dean’s Danes YouTube channel
March 4, 2021


Unofficial transcript provided by Truth Comes to Light:

“There’s lots of root causes of this problem. And Andy and Stefan, I think, gave really great descriptions of it. Let me add another one.

And I also want to put this in the context of: There’s really nothing new about what we’re going through.

It’s different than it used to be because of technology. But I insisted, in spite of the publishers asking me not to put the story of Sleeping Beauty in the final chapter of my book [The Contagion Myth]. And people would say: What could possibly a story of Sleeping Beauty have to do with the corona crisis?

But the root of the problem is: a human being deciding that they want to be safe. Right?

So that’s why we do this. That’s why you stay away from people. That’s why you wear masks. That’s why you get vaccines. That’s why you live your life — so you can be safe.

Now there’s a precedent to this.

So the story of Sleeping Beauty is — there’s a kingdom. And there’s a king and a queen. And they have a nice kingdom. And it’s prosperous. But they can’t have a a child. And so the kingdom can’t go on.

So then a frog — which in fairy tales is the representative of the spiritual world — says to the king and queen: I’m going to bestow the gift of a child on you. And so then the queen miraculously gets pregnant.

And then they throw a party and they invite the 12 wise women of the kingdom. That, by the way, represents the wisdom of the universe. That’s the zodiac; it’s the months. But they forgot that there was a 13th woman who they didn’t invite who was “the witch”. And the witch is always depicted as the stepmother, which is basically materialism. Right? The fallen wisdom. It’s now a materialistic way of looking at the world.

And the witch says you’re going to grow up and you’re going to prick your finger and die.

And then it turns out the 12th witch, the “good witch”, hadn’t spoken yet, so she said: “This is a very powerful spell. I can’t undo it. But I can turn it from ‘you’ll fall down dead’ to ‘you’ll just fall down asleep’.” Right?

So then the king and the queen and all the kingdom do exactly what we’re doing now. They get rid of all the spindles and all the prickery things in the kingdom. Their goal is to make everybody safe. Well, at least the princess.

The problem is — the only time you’re safe is when you’re six feet under. That’s it. If you’re a living, breathing human being you encounter danger. That’s how we grow and live.

So inevitably — inevitably — the princess grows up. Lo and behold, she pricks her finger.

The whole country, the whole kingdom, goes into lockdown. Just like now.

The bread makers can’t make bread. The people can’t go to work. There’s no economic activity. They steal all your money. The whole kingdom is in lockdown.

The princess is asleep. And then the kingdom is engulfed in toxic thorns. Right?

Just like us. Toxic thorns. Because we tried to be safe. That never works. Everybody’s on lockdown. Same as now. And then people try to save her. But they’re killed by the thorns.

Until one day a young boy hears about it. And he hears about that there’s this beautiful princess. And he could save her. And they say, “No, don’t do it. Don’t do it. You’ll get killed like everybody else.”

And he says the words that solve this whole problem. You know what the words were? In every edition he says, “No, I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid. I go in.”

What happens? The thorns part. The thorns have no power over somebody who’s not afraid.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? He dies.

You’re gonna die anyways. I mean, I don’t want people to die. Right? I don’t want people to jump off cliffs for no reason. But if your goal is to be safe, you’re dead.

So he didn’t care. He didn’t know what was going to happen. He’s not afraid. Saves the princess. Life goes on. We’re all good.

That’s what we need to happen here.”


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