Drs. Tom Cowan, Andy Kaufman & Stefan Lanka: On the Myth That Virology Is Real Science & What We Don’t Yet Know About These Highly Toxic Covid “Vaccines” 

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Drs. Tom Cowan, Andy Kaufman & Stefan Lanka: On the Myth That Virology Is Real Science & What We Don’t Yet Know About These Highly Toxic Covid “Vaccines”


Notes by Kathleen Stilwell, Truth Comes to Light editor:

In the video below Dean Braus brings together Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andy Kaufman to discuss mRNA vaccines, nanoparticles in vaccines and related topics. Dean begins the conversation with discussion of the following quote:

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”
~ Heraclitus of Ephesus

There is an audio issue with much of Dr. Lanka’s contribution to the conversation, which included some discussion of Dr. Lanka’s CPE (Cytopathic Effect) experiment and ongoing research, as well as the refusal of mainstream medical science to give his research consideration. To understand more about his work, please see links to related articles, videos and pdf files that I’ve provided at the end of this article.

Below are a few brief excerpts from the wide-ranging conversation:

Tom Cowan:

 …The theory that we base our entire science and our entire medicine on — which we are only made of substance — it is simply incorrect.

…We are forced into a way of seeing the world — forced into saying that must be true. And yet we all know it’s not.

…At some point we have to acknowledge that the theory of medicine science is just wrong and we should abandon it.


Andy Kaufman:

…We are living in a time when science is not interested in finding the truth. It’s basically motivated by…political goals and and other purposes — financial incentives.

…As Tom alluded to, we’ve known that virology is not a valid science for a long time. And it’s very important — the control experiments — because they provide the empirical evidence that disproves the dogmatic virology theory.

…An average person can understand the significance of this control experiment because we’re saying that the alleged proof of the existence of a virus, and everything that is based upon that, comes from the experimental procedure itself — and not from the presence of anything real.

…I think there are a lot of unknowns right now. Like, we certainly know that these so-called vaccines — or these gene therapies — that they’re quite toxic. And we have incredible numbers of people experiencing very serious adverse effects and we have incredible numbers of people dying. But the truth is that we don’t really even know what’s in these injections.

We know from the past that undisclosed ingredients make it into vaccine products… We know that there is recent evidence that has perhaps not been validated but it’s still out there from La Quinta Columna about graphene. We know that in the past there has been DNA from fetal cell lines that’s been added to vaccines without being disclosed. And then we have observed some unusual phenomenon with respect to magnetism. And then if you look in the literature you see that there is an extreme amount of research published on nanotechnology for biomedical applications. And many of those are specifically for infectious disease and specifically for vaccine technology.

…And then we have this story about you know the gene therapy. And we know that this is been unsuccessful so far in other clinical pursuits.

…What we have seen as an explosion in GMO technology in other industries — in manufacturing, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals and, as well, in agriculture and food especially, where we know that they alter the genotype and phenotype of organisms. So we know that they can hack our system in some ways that can change our physiology.

…So we don’t really know if this product actually integrates into the genetic machinery of the host or the protein manufacturing machinery of the host. And we don’t really know if the spike protein is actually made in our body. So, in other words, there’s evidence that the spike protein is toxic .. You can buy a commercial preparation… it’s an actual substance. Now whether it’s found in nature or not is a separate discussion. But it has been bought from those manufacturers and sold for research studies and shown to have a certain toxicity. But we don’t know if the toxicity from these products is from that spike protein because we don’t even know if it’s really made.

…We also don’t know with certainty if there is nanotechnology in addition to the lipid nanoparticles that are said to deliver the mRNA or the so-called adenovirus vector that’s in the Johnson & Johnson product. But we don’t know if there’s other nanotechnology. Like are their magnetic nanoparticles? Are there graphene nanoparticles? Is there hydrogel?

Tom Cowan:

…An RNA vaccine is trying to take over that which is basically the interaction of the human being with the world of light and sound and spirit and thoughts and emotions — and translate that into a living being.

Who’s ever doing this wants “them” to be the ones who determine what protein you make.

…The bad news is they’re trying to make us make what they want. The good news is — it doesn’t work like that, so they may not ever be able to do it.

…Like Andy said, nobody even has measured really whether they actually can get them to make spike proteins. My guess is they can’t really.


Freedom Talk 3

by Dean Braus, @DeansDanes Odysee channel
July 14, 2021

Impact of CPE Control Experiment. mRNA Vaccines, nanoparticles, outlook on projects.

Original video available at Dean’s Danes Odysee channel.

Also found at Dean’s Danes Odysee channel, see a brief video on Dr. Lanka’s CPE experiments.


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