End of the Pharmaceutical Dark Age Near as the Light of Truth Falls Upon the “Chemical Imbalance” Con

End of the Pharmaceutical Dark Age Near as the Light of Truth Falls Upon the “Chemical Imbalance” Con

intro by Steve Cook, UK Reloaded
August 4, 2022


The pharmaceutical crime syndicate has been caught out scamming the public yet again.

This time the longstanding psychiatric con of “chemical imbalances” in the brain that can only be “rebalanced” by dishing out dangerous drugs with horrible side effects (without the “correct chemical balance” ever having been identified) has been thoroughly exposed as another overdose  of mind-numbing pseudo-science.

The scam, of course, made a lot of money for the degenerates masterminding the unholy alliance of sociopathic drug manufacturers and the psychiatric control cult of drug pushers. It also incapacitated or murdered a large number of people in support of the globalist eugenics program to kill or cow the human race.

But it looks like the truth has finally penetrated the force-screens of disinformation for which the psycho-political-pharmaceutical con-plex is notorious.

This latest embarrassment for the subversives behind the pharmaceutical crime syndicate comes hot on the heels of the cash-and-burn of the covid psyop and the mounting vaxjab death toll.

The writing is on the wall for the genocidal scamsters as the number of people who still believe a ruddy word that dribbles from the forked tongues of these maniacs has dwindled almost to vanishing point.
Hopefully, heads will roll and these criminals will answer for the millions they have maimed and killed over the decades of the now vanishing Pharmaceutical Dark Age.

The following featured article from The Citizens Commission on Human Rights UK (CCHR UK) whose 60+ years of dedicated campaigning against psychopharmaceutical tyranny has now yielded a huge truth dividend, provides a cogent analysis of the “chemical imbalance” mass-drugging drive.


The ‘Chemical Imbalance’ Was a Psychiatric Marketing Tool

July 22, 2022


For decades, people have been prescribed antidepressants based on the belief that the psychiatric drugs could do something to resolve a so-called ‘chemical imbalance in the brain’.

Psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies and their spin doctors used the idea to convince people there might be something useful in taking them, while at the same time, benefiting from increased antidepressant sales.

However, a new review of existing studies has found that depression is not likely to be caused by a chemical imbalance and has indicated people should be made aware of other options for treating it.

Consider this: if antidepressants were supposed to correct an imbalance of the brain, it would follow there would be a way of measuring when such an imbalance was corrected. For the record, there’s no way of measuring a balance or an imbalance of the brain.

Over the years, numerous requests have been made asking for data to support the claims of a chemical imbalance. The requests were never fulfilled yet psychiatrists, in an unholy alliance with pharmaceutical companies, continued to use unscientific rhetoric that resulted in a continual rise in prescriptions for the drugs. At the beginning of July, it was reported that nearly half a million more adults in England were taking antidepressants compared with the previous year.

At the end of the day, it has been indicative of an impressive marketing strategy, generating huge profits for drug companies while creating untold destruction. Since 2000, over 5 billion pounds has been spent on antidepressants in England alone. There’s no doubt this represents commercial success which has kept shareholders happy, but it has been at human expense.

There have been 151 warnings from 11 countries and the European Union warning that antidepressants cause harmful side effects. These include 37 warnings on antidepressants causing suicide risk or suicidal behaviour.

There have also been 279 studies from 35 countries showing that antidepressant drugs cause harmful side effects. These include 49 studies on antidepressants causing new-born complications and 27 studies on antidepressants causing suicide risk or suicide attempts.

The overriding factor in all of this is informed consent. By making it possible to be fully informed about the dangers of antidepressants, people can make up their own minds rather than accepting pseudoscientific claims.

Attempts will be made to protect the lucrative enterprise, but the antidepressant gravy train is like a house of cards about to fall. The time is up for the psychiatric charade.

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