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Precision Medicine and the GMO-Transhuman

by Alicia Green, Contributing Writer at Truth Comes to Light
January 23, 2023


Why are the COVID-19 “vaccines” considered to be so important, even though they are not “effective” at preventing or treating COVID-19? Why are these “vaccines” still promoted even though they are considered to be the most toxic “vaccines” ever created for some people, or maybe even all people?  In this article, I will try to: answer these questions; tell you what I believe to be true; and explain how I came to these conclusions. I could be wrong, but I might be right.

I believe we have been lied to about the intent of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. I believe the COVID-19 “vaccines” were used to cause diseases. Since the COVID-19 “vaccines” were introduced into the human population, there has been an increase in diseasesgenetic diseasescancer, and genetic predispositions to disease. I also believe the “vaccines” were actually designed to cause genetic disease, and expose genetic defects. Why is this being done? So that we will accept the future “cures” of precision medicine CRISPR gene editing “vaccines” and other gene editing “therapies”. The globalist elitist transhumanists seem to believe this is for the “greater good”, to fulfill the Fourth Industrial Revolution GMO-transhuman evolution of our bodies and minds. We are told the Fourth Industrial Revolution is occurring to evolve humans into biotechnological GMO-transhumans. In the UK government’s Policy Paper, “Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, published June 11, 2019, they describe the Fourth Industrial Revolution as (emphasis added):

“It is characterised by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and advanced robotics – that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds.”

How could the COVID-19 “vaccines” have caused disease? The Salk Institute describes the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines” as communicating with our “cell’s genetic machinery” by telling our bodies to create “spike proteins” through mRNA instructions. Could it be possible that the adverse reactions, resulting from the mRNA “vaccines”, are due to a miscommunication in the mRNA instructions, or were the instructions designed to induce adverse reactions, genetic expression of disease, and diseases that might be dormant in our bodies?

Recently, Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills collapsed on the football field during a live NFL game. Dr. Peter McCullough pointed out that genetic conditions should be considered in any possible “vaccine” induced myocarditis case. He explains this in his recent Substack article, “Inherited Risk of Sudden Death Triggered by COVID-19 Vaccination” (emphasis added):

“There is an array of known sodium, potassium, and other ion channel mutations in the heart that pose a genetic proclivity to sudden death.”
“….not all patients after the injection or those with manifest COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis are at risk for sudden death. In my clinical practice I incorporate genetic testing for channelopathies to fine tune the prognosis for patients.”

If the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines” induce myocarditis in people with certain genetics, what other genetic diseases might be caused or exposed by the “vaccines”?

The Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” potential adverse reactions list (see Appendix 1. List of Adverse Events of Special Interest) was released due to a FOIA request. This list is quite extensive and it seems that the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” has the potential to cause almost any human disease. Why does it seem to contain any and all diseases? Maybe it’s because those are the diseases they were hoping to provoke, so they could then offer us more “vaccines” to try to gene edit or “cure” those diseases?

Dr. Francis Fukuyama believed gene editing was a real possibility. In 2009 he wrote “Special Report – Transhumanism“ in Foreign Policy Magazine (emphasis added):

“But is the fundamental tenet of transhumanism — that we will someday use biotechnology to make ourselves stronger, smarter, less prone to violence, and longer-lived — really so outlandish?”

“If we start transforming ourselves into something superior, what rights will these enhanced creatures claim, and what rights will they possess when compared to those left behind? If some move ahead, can anyone afford not to follow? These questions are troubling enough within rich, developed societies. Add in the implications for citizens of the world’s poorest countries — for whom biotechnology’s marvels likely will be out of reach — and the threat to the idea of equality becomes even more menacing.”

Fukuyama’s concern that some people might be “left behind” from under-developed or poor countries, and not included in the biotechnology GMO-transhumanism evolution, seems to be solved by COVID-19 “vaccine” equity. “Vaccine” equity means every human in every part of the world is targeted to receive a COVID-19 “vaccine”. This means every human in the world might suffer from adverse reactions to these “vaccines”. The solution or the potential “cure” will be CRISPR precision medicine gene editing “vaccines” or other gene “therapies”. This means everyone in the world is targeted to become a GMO-transhuman.

What exactly is CRISPR precision medicine gene editing? The Royal Society describes human gene editing as being similar to creating GMO (genetically modified organism) food, and fixing errors or faulty genes. In this short video, “What is gene editing and how does it work?”, they say:

“In a nutshell, it works by identifying, then cutting pieces of DNA. One way of doing this uses a component known as CRISPR.”

The WEF explains that precision medicine can also be referred to as “personalized medicine”, in their article, “Precision Medicine” (emphasis added):

“The ultimate goal of Precision Medicine, also referred to as Personalized Medicine, is to enable the use of information about a patient’s genes and environment.”

The challenges to implementing CRISPR precision medicine gene editing seem to be related to ethics and laws, or more specifically, how to circumvent ethics and existing laws. They seem to want more agile laws and more flexible ethics to implement their strategies. The WEF states the following points in their article, “4 agile ways policy-makers can advance precision medicine”(emphasis added):

“A combination of technological, ethical, and regulatory challenges has limited the impact of precision medicine.”

“To overcome this, investment in health care innovation is vital, but the risks need to be managed with agile governance.”

Governments should work with industry, build on best practice, and collaborate internationally to ethically accelerate innovation”.

Were the COVID-19 “vaccines” given to the majority of the population so there would be a mass demand for their solution? Is this also why it was so important to get a certain percentage of humans “vaccinated”? The more humans suffering from “vaccine” adverse reactions, the more likely the masses will advocate for new laws in favor of CRISPR precision medicine gene editing, and approve the advancement of their GMO-transhumanist agenda. Is this the real reason why they want to get rid of The United States Constitution? So that they can get rid of non-GMO human rights, our Constitutional inalienable, inherent human rights?

In the United States, the mRNA “vaccine” business model seems to be the way to circumvent any restraints to implementing CRISPR precision medicine gene editing because “vaccines” are the least regulated drug, due to their legal liability immunity. The “vaccine” manufacturers are already taking advantage of the “vaccine” business model by making more mRNA “vaccines”. MIT Technology Review’s article, “What’s Next for mRNA Vaccines” explains that both Moderna and BioNTech have many more mRNA “vaccines” on the way (emphasis added):

“These vaccines don’t rely on injecting part of a virus into a person, like many other vaccines do. Instead, they deliver genetic code that our bodies can use to make the relevant piece of viral protein ourselves.”

“Moderna, the biotech company behind one of the two approved mRNA vaccines for covid-19, is developing mRNA vaccines for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), HIV, Zika, Epstein-Barr virus, and more. BioNTech, which partnered with Pfizer on the other approved mRNA-based covid-19 vaccine, is exploring vaccines for tuberculosis, malaria, HIV, shingles, and flu. Both companies are working on treatments for cancer. And many other companies and academic labs are getting in on the action.”

Is it even a good idea to try to gene edit humans? As Wired reported in their article, “Scientists Hack a Human Cell and Reprogram It Like a Computer”, hacking human DNA doesn’t always work as intended:

“Cells are incredibly complicated—and DNA doesn’t have straightforward “on” and “off” switches like an electronic circuit. In Wong’s engineered cells, you “turn off” the production of a certain protein by altering the segment of DNA that encodes its instructions. It doesn’t always work, because nature might have encoded some instructions in duplicate. In other words: It’s hard to debug 3 billion years of evolution.”

Clearly, there is a need to determine whether GMO-transhumanism and CRISPR precision medicine gene editing should be banned. Science Alert has reported in their article, “CRISPR Gene-Editing Could Cause Hundreds of Unexpected Mutations, Study Shows”:

“The technology that could spark a gene-editing revolution has been caught introducing hundreds of unintended mutations into the genome, and with scientists already testing it in humans, it’s set off some serious alarm bells.”

This study was later retracted, but we know what that probably means….they were most likely forced to retract their study because it didn’t fit the prescribed narrative.

Should CRISPR technology be banned and labeled a weapon of mass destruction (WMD)? Is CRISPR technology being used as a tool for eugenics? There are also concerns that CRISPR technology is being used to create bioweapons, and that gene editing can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

The Human Genome Editing Initiative has been meeting since 2015 to discuss human gene editing. They will be having their Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing in London, March 2023 (emphasis added):

“The Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing is being organized as a collaborative activity of the U.K.’s Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and U.S. National Academy of Medicine, and The World Academy of Sciences.  It will bring together leading experts to examine the potential risks and benefits of genome editing technologies and the significant ethical and societal issues associated with advances in human genome editing research.”

“The first of these summits was held in Washington, DC in 2015, and the second was held in Hong Kong in 2018.”

Will these globalists and elites be deciding how to genetically edit us at this meeting? Maybe they should stop trying to create GMO-transhumans before the CRISPR technology gets into the wrong hands, or is this technology already in the wrong hands? Team Enigma, a group of independent researchers, released this in-depth investigation: “Intent to Harm – Evidence of the Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the US DOD, HHS, Pharma Cartel”.

It was recently reported by Rasmussen Reports that 1 in 4 people know someone who may have died as a result of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. Just because a technology or pharmaceutical is invented, doesn’t mean it’s a “good” technology or pharmaceutical. There are often short-term and long-term side effects that are harmful and even life threatening. It’s more likely that new technologies and pharmaceuticals, especially no liability drugs like “vaccines”, are created for money and profit, with little to no investigation into their long-term side effects. Yes, the government will try to deceive you and use propaganda to tell you it’s “safe and effective” or “good for you”. In the meantime, they will make their billions and try to achieve their hidden agendas. It’s time to use your critical thinking skills and defend your rights to your body…..and mind. Don’t submit to government mind control manipulation.

As Benito Musolini stated in “The Doctrine of Fascism”, fascism wants to control your whole body and mind:

“The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian, and the Fascist State–a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values–interprets, develops, and potentiates the whole life of a people.”

We should beware of the fascist military medical industrial complex especially since they hide their ingredients and their true agendas. They want us to trust their idea of science, trust their poisons, and trust their venomics.

There needs to be a collaborative effort to prioritize other available healthcare alternatives, natural treatments, and healing through epigenetics. There are numerous alternatives to the mainstream medical system that our not financed by the government or pharmaceutical companies. The mainstream medical system is designed to perpetuate sickness. Their focus is not on our health, but on their financial ties to the government and the pharmaceutical companies (and socialized medicine, such as the US Veterans Administration, is not the answer). There are natural health remediesnatural treatmentsalternative health medicineepigeneticshealing frequenciesnaturopathynatural IV therapies, and nutritional ways to overcome disease. There should also be an emphasis on investigating and eliminating those things that are harmful to humans such as GMO foodsfake foods5G, and other harmful frequencies.

There are many questions to ask about this Fourth Industrial Revolution GMO-transhumanism agenda that the globalists and elites are trying to force upon us. Dr. Fukuyama had a very valid concern about the legal rights of GMO-transhumans, “what rights will these enhanced creatures claim, and what rights will they possess….”. If someone (or some “creature”) is a GMO-transhuman, does it still have the same rights as a non-gene-edited or non-GMO human?

Here are a few of my questions and concerns:

  • Is the GMO-transhumanism agenda also behind the transgender movement – in order to confuse the true meaning of what is a “human”?; “What is a Woman?”; what is my preschool child’s gender?; and why are there so many “gender” pronouns?
  • If no one can define a “human”, and some humans become “GMO-transhuman”, then what happens to the equal and inalienable “human” rights if some humans are “enhanced GMO-transhuman” and others are not?
  • Are these GMO-transhumans now owned by a corporation? Vox reported in their article, “Can GMOs be patented?”:

“Yes. In 1980, the US Supreme Court ruled in Diamond v. Chakrabarty that genetically altered life can be patented.”

  • Is this what Klaus Schwab and the WEF were talking about when they said, “You will own nothing and be happy.”  Define the word “you”. Is Klaus Schwab referring to the “GMO-transhumans” who no longer own their own bodies and have no “inalienable human” rights?
  • What types of GMO-transhumans do they want to create? Will they still have emotions, a human spirit, a conscience…etc.? In whose image will these GMO-transhumans be created? Are “vaccines” part of a religion?

The answers to these questions and Fukuyama’s other concerns about GMO-transhumans are still unknown (i.e., What is a “good” GMO-transhuman?; Who decides what is a “good” GMO-transhuman?). Fukuyama stated:

“Transhumanism’s advocates think they understand what constitutes a good human being, and they are happy to leave behind the limited, mortal, natural beings they see around them in favor of something better. But do they really comprehend ultimate human goods?”

How can we stop the Fourth Industrial Revolution GMO-transhumans from endangering our non-GMO human inalienable Constitutional rights? As Rosanne Lindsay, ND, wrote in, “Freedom Exists Under Natural Law”, there is a difference between what is legal versus what is lawful, and we must resist the corrupt system:

“The original Charters of Freedom: The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence were written to reflect Inherent Rights of the individual. Yet these documents are being ignored by the very government created to uphold them because, by themselves, they are only metaphorical shields.”

“There is a difference between legal and lawful. Legal pertains to the letter of law, whereas lawful pertains to the spirit of law. Legal matters reflect statutes between government entities and the color of law (i.e., the appearance or semblance, without the substance), whereas lawful matters reflect common law, the law of the land—the law of the people—and are actual in nature, not implied. Going forward, if we are to be free, we must resist playing a game of wits in a corrupt system that seeks to destroy Inherent Rights.”

The United States Constitution seems to be the only thing that could protect our non-GMO inherent human rights from the precision medicine CRISPR gene editing, globalist, elitist, GMO-transhumanist, world agenda. As Big Think concluded in their article, “Synthetic biology has the power to cure — and kill. How will we use it?”:

“The question, then, is whether it will usher in a new era for humanity, or end up as the latest example of a promising technology that is used to inflict pain and destruction. Such technologies have emerged from physics (nuclear bombs) and from chemistry (poison gas). Now that it’s biology’s turn, hopefully our past experiences have made us wiser. Hopefully we know better, now.”

In conclusion, if the current mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” have the potential to cause genetic damage from their genetic manipulation; and the solution to “cure” our diseases is CRISPR precision medicine gene editing; then, are the new mRNA “vaccines” and new gene “therapies” another attempt to gene edit us using CRISPR precision medicine technology?

Should we “trust the science”, trust our lives, and our genetics, to the same institutions that have brought us to this point in history? Should we trust the same institutions that have inflicted pain and death, or should we find a new path forward? Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Do your own research and decide for yourself. It’s time for all of us to put aside our differences and unite to save our humanity.


Alicia Green is an instinctive researcher and writer, with BA in Psychology and BS in Advertising. She gained her first experience as an investigative news reporter while working for a student-run news publication, providing breaking news and information on issues affecting the university and local community.

Alicia Green is a contributing writer at Truth Comes to Light.

Alicia welcomes your comments and feedback on her articles. If you have a topic or issue you would like her to investigate, please reach out to her here:


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