Turning Virology & Modern Medicine on Its Head: Dr. Andrew Kaufman w/ Brian Young

Turning Virology & Modern Medicine on Its Head: Dr. Andrew Kaufman w/ Brian Young

by Kathleen Stilwell, Truth Comes to Light
July 17, 2021


In the videos below Brian Young of HighImpact interviews Dr. Andrew Kaufman, with direct questions on many important issues related to viruses, the false ideas perpetuated by the “science” of virology, vaccination, what makes us sick, how our bodies heal, and more.

Dr. Kaufman answers detailed questions about what it means to isolate a virus and how the meaning of isolation has been twisted to mean something entirely different from actually purifying so that identification can be verified.

He talks about the reasoning and some of the methods used in creating vaccines. He discusses what we currently know about toxic nanoparticles and other strange substances found in all vaccines as well as the new mRNA injections.  He makes reference to Dr. David Martin’s work and the proof that the SARS-CoV-2 gene sequence was patented long before this fake pandemic was announced.

Dr. Kaufman discusses the historical use of the word “virus”, the role of bacteria, and what is likely to be really happening with diseases such as rabies, ebola, zika, polio, leprosy and more. He also addresses the misunderstanding and possible explanations for what is perceived as contagion, shedding and transmission of illness.

Dr. Kaufman shares his thoughts on the role of antibiotics and anti-parasitic medications such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. He also provides suggestions for detoxification and assisting our bodies in healing without the use of pharmaceuticals.

This interview covers a lot of territory related to this fake pandemic, the false paradigm of illness created by virology and the importance of standing for freedom.

Links to related interviews and articles are provided below the videos. The interview videos are available at Brian Young’s HighImpact Odysee and BitChute channels.

Brief excerpts:

Andrew Kaufman:

…I am no longer a licensed physician, not because it was taken away from me but because I simply let it expire. Because I don’t want to be tied to that system of cut, burn, poison medicine any longer.


Brian Young:

I’ve got a lot of questions but I wanted to start out with was the most important. I don’t want to beat around the bush on this. You did an interview that was hosted by Doug Force…You got into a very, very interesting — at points heated — discussion, pointed discussion, with Dr. Judy Mikovits and that centered around a couple of things that she said. And what she was saying was that a virus particle — and I’m gonna quote this here because I watched the video again today and I took some notes — quote, “the virus particle is your cellular membrane, a virus budding out of a cell”. As soon as she said that, you took serious issue with that. And you made a very serious point of trying to pinpoint her on what isolation actually is, defining isolation and then telling her that what she was doing is not isolating it. Why is that important and why was it important to have that conversation with Dr. Judy Mikovits?

Andrew Kaufman:

Yeah, well of course, and you know what I think she was saying is that you can’t separate the virus particles from the cell that it infects. And, in fact, you know the main experiments that they do, which they called virus isolation — but it’s not isolation by any means of the word, is where they do a cell culture and then they see particles coming off the cell — which is what happens to every cell when they are damaged or put in a toxic environment or starved. That would cause cell damage. They break down into particles. So you can see particles budding off the membrane of all kinds of cells that are damaged. In fact, every cell that would be damaged would go through this process.

Recently they published a paper, actually was last August, but it was in Kidney360 where they had kidney biopsies from as early as 1999, you know, pre-covid and they showed the identical particles to what they say are the particles on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. So these are just normal breakdown products of dying cells or dead cells.

Those people had kidney disease, had nothing to do with the virus, but these particles were present nonetheless. And the authors basically said ‘hey even the CDC is aware of this’ — because they wrote about the same problem in 2003, I believe — and that this is gonna be confusing to recognize viruses.

So you have to get the virus all by itself so that you can actually study it. And then you can put it into a host animal and see — does it cost the same disease. You can take the genetic material out of it and sequence it. And what Dr Mikovits was saying is that with HIV, as distinct — because she agrees with everything I just said with respect to SARS-CoV-2 and the current fake virus — but she was talking about HIV and she said that it’s impossible to separate from the membrane. But the thing is the way they say that it spreads from a cell to a cell would have to be that it separates from the membrane and then goes to another cell. So that’s what I was talking to her about.

And it’s really fascinating because I saw a video recently from Luc Montagnier. Now he’s the French virologist who actually won the Nobel Prize for the alleged discovery of HIV. And he was asked about why it’s necessary to do purification of a virus. Right? And purification is a word that is a good word to ask in a question because it removes any ambiguous meaning of the word isolation. And purification is clear. It means that it would be pure in the end. And so what Luc Montagnier said is to prove that it actually exists.

I just wanted Judy to be consistent that — it was not just true that you have to purify and isolate SARS-CoV-2 virus, to show that it exists — you have to do it with every virus, even if she worked on it. And that’s the discussion that we were unable to have.


Brian Young:

Let me key in on one of the things — coming back to Judy Mikovits and the disagreement you had with her on Doug Force’s show — you said, quote:

“As long as we all embrace this false paradigm, this false virus paradigm, that viruses are particles that cause disease from outside, we’re gonna be vulnerable to the next pandemic and all the ones after that. We have to destroy this paradigm of viruses that cause disease because this is the boogie man and this is what’s causing the fear and the panic that’s allowing us to be manipulated.”

And really if I was going to distill anything or try to get people to realize that the importance of this show and and us convert conversing about this is that statement right there.


I really appreciate appreciate your knowledge and especially appreciate your stand for individual liberties. Because that’s what this all boils down to. We’ve got to maintain our own personal individual autonomy. If we lose that, we lose everything.

Andrew Kaufman:

That’s right. You know, we have to all non-comply together.




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