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The True Normal is Paranormal
Jon Rappoport | 27 September

by Jon Rappoport September 27, 2018 Source   The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom For those who

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Beautiful, Flawed Us
John Welwood | 4 September

by  John Welwood   You are flawed, you are stuck in old patterns, you become carried away with yourself. Indeed you

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Forget about Enlightenment
John Welwood | 1 September

by John Welwood   Forget about enlightenment. Sit down wherever you are And listen to the wind singing in your

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A Great Need
Hafiz | 27 August

Out Of a great need We are all holding hands And climbing. Not loving is a letting go. Listen, The

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Hafiz | 27 August

Forgiveness is the cash you need. All the other kinds of silver really buy just strange things. Everything has its

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Step Into the Role – an Esoteric Invitation
Zen Gardner | 27 August

by Zen Gardner June 2015   We’re at an amazing and empowering juncture in humanity’s history. For each of us

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The Spectrum of Love… or Start from Where You Are
Alan Watts | 11 May

Source:  Progress. Not Perfection. The Spectrum of Love by Alan Watts   We know that from time to time there

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The Stairway of Existence
Hafiz | 11 March

The Stairway of Existence by Hafiz   We Are not In pursuit of formalities Or fake religious Laws, For through

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The Battlefield is You
Zen Gardner | 19 February

The Battlefield is You by Zen Gardner April 2013   There’s no looking for crowd validation. There’s no waiting for

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It Felt Love
Hafiz | 22 December

How Did the rose Ever open its heart And give to this world All its Beauty? It felt the encouragement

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Spiritual Bypassing: Avoidance in Holy Drag
Robert Augustus Masters | 28 July

“Aspects of spiritual bypassing include exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, overemphasis on the positive, anger-phobia, blind or overly tolerant

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On Giving
Kent Nerburn | 27 July

Source: Kent Nerburn by Kent Nerburn November 30, 2006   Giving is a miracle that can transform the heaviest of hearts.

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When Things Fall Apart
Maria Popova | 23 July

When Things Fall Apart Tibetan Buddhist Nun and Teacher Pema Chödrön on Transformation Through Difficult Times by Maria Popova, brainpickings

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Compassionate Water (The Great Bell Chant)
Thich Nhat Hanh | 27 September

shared by KeNalu1 Read by Thich Nath Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem. The creators of this audio track were

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A Place Called Gratitude
Les Visible | 21 February

Video by Patrick Willis   A Place Called Gratitude by Les Visible   Malachi 3:10 “Bring ye all the tithes

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