Funeral Director Reports ‘Massive Increase’ in Death Rate Exclusively in Young Jab Recipients

Funeral Director Reports ‘Massive Increase’ in Death Rate Exclusively in Young Jab Recipients

by Children’s Health Defense
October 18, 2022


Funeral Director John O’Looney has seen it all — he is no stranger to dead bodies. But something has changed, to the scale of mass-vaccination. Joining “Good Morning CHD” as today’s guest, John exposes the deep, dark occurrences that seem to be happening in mortuaries across the country. What does this unprecedented development mean for the world and our personal lives?

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As a funeral director, I’m seeing a massive increase in death rate, exclusively in young jab recipients.
Do you know how many children I’ve had in that died from COVID? Have a guess. None. Not a single one.
Neither have any of my colleagues. None of them.
You’re putting your child at massive, massive risk of damage. People need to wake up. They’re euthanizing people in hospitals, in British hospitals, with Midazolam now, without even giving them a COVID test*.
They’re killing people with Remdesivir. They know what it does! And they still do it because they’ve got bills to pay.
Their body is so full of fluid where their kidneys are packed up, as you move them across from a stretcher to a stainless steel tray in the mortuary, you leave an imprint in them because they’re so full of fluid where the kidneys have failed due to Remdesivir — due to medicine.
This is an agenda. And I would have never believed. I was never into conspiracy. Never.
I left there knowing that they know. They know and they’re going to push on.
You’re committing murder. You’re being complicit in mass murder and hiding it.
I would like to see all of the nurses and doctors who know what’s going on to down toes and walk out.
I’m an undertaker! Why do they think I’m telling them?
You know, it’s not because I’m not putting people in coffins. It’s because I am!


*Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: It is well-known at this point in time that Covid tests are useless in detecting infectious disease and cannot possibly diagnose “covid”.   See here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here for starters.


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